Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puppies and people food

One of my favorite things about having a puppy around is how in general, they are ready to try just about anything edible you offer them. 

We love to share people food with the short people, so it injects a little extra dose of fun in our lives when those people are willing to try whatever we send their way. 

Fried tofu, lettuce wraps, little unknown crunchy things that came with the lettuce wraps, salad, sauteed veggies, vegan junk food--so far there have been few things Sandy would spit out.

Lately we've discovered that she even loves to try new bevvies. 


I know, I know--it's very bad for dogs to drink alcohol. Don't worry, she didn't really drink any. Raspberry brew is one of the few things we're not willing to share.

Fortunately she enjoys more kid-friendly drinks just as well. Orange juice, soda, soy beverage, you name it. 

Is it just a curiosity born of being relatively new to the world?

Is it the vehemence with which Sandy loves to explore the entire word with her tongue? 

Is it just that a puppy's palate is not yet refined, so more things taste good?

Do your puppies love to try just about everything, even things your more mature dogs turn up their noses at?

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  1. Finn loves iced coffee, which we discovered on accident. And, she always comes over to sniff out what we're having for dinner!

  2. Either Billy hasn't grown out of his puppy phase (he's nearly 5) or older dogs are just as inquisitive - he's eat ANYthing!

  3. My pups love veggies, they are kinda weird!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  4. Haha "explore the world with her tongue"! so very true for miss Elli, as well. She even likes Kale. haha.

  5. oh i wish our shibas were less picky! the beagle boys like to try anything... but then i later find i squashed a raspberry into my tan carpet because someone didn't like it. nice.

  6. I love trying new foods!! One loves bannanas ive learned and one hates them and refused to touch their food cause it must have bannana flavor still on it. Lettuce is a fun one. I always give fresh parsley for the breath :)

  7. My brothers and sister like romaine lettuce, particularly the crunchier stalk section. I prefer meat or fish, no salads.

  8. I love your blog and especially the pictures. It's obvious how much you love Sandy and it's hard to imagine rehoming her.

    Here's hoping the perfect Forever Home is found soon.

  9. Our first Greyhound had an obsession with apple cider! You couldn't even set the glass down if you were drinking it, but she wasn't bad about taking anything else unless it was offered to her. Apple cider was apparently nectar of the gods! She wasn't a puppy at the time, though. She was around four when she discovered it!

  10. Dogs are as varied as people, aren't they? Some are adventurous eaters and others aren't.

    My dogs have always liked tofu. Honey likes fish and most veggies. Sweet veggies, like pumpkin and winter squash, are special favorites.

    Goes to show it's not worth guessing what any pup will like. She'll surprise you every time.

  11. Sandy eats lettuce! I had a dog who would eat everything except lettuce and cucumber. She'd pick strawberries for herself and even eat ornamental cherries from the tree, and they are horrible! Frankie is an extremely unadventurous eater but Beryl will give anything a go. Neither of them like bananas though.

  12. What a wonderful post. Sharing food is deeply bonding, and I love to share mine with the dogs. They like pretty much anything we have and we share what is good for them.
    Our Newf Baywolf also got the occasional small sip of Guinness when Mike had a beer. Male bonding. The girls don't like alcohol.

  13. Our Best Friend, now three, has never met a brand of kibble he doesn't like. He also eats carrots and licks up everything we spill on the floor. Some dogs just aren't picky!


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