Friday, May 21, 2010

Lars progress

Lars came through his neutering unscathed, and with his blossoming sweetness none the worse for wear. He is becoming just your regular, happy dog, at least with me--wiggling, cuddling, diving into my arms for a big bear hug, flopping over onto his back and playfully mouthing my arms. He is also getting warmer with other people--sniffing, taking snacks gently. It is going to be hard to let this one go! Shy dogs are so rewarding when they start coming around.

He is making me appreciate Fozzie more too. I have realized what a soft mouth Fozzie has, and despite his excitability and capacity for arousal, how reliable he is. The way he sprawls out at the foot of the bed when we're watching a movie or going to sleep, the way we can drape our legs over him or fall asleep completely wrapped around him and he loves it.

Multiple dogs are also a great motivator for Lars to eat--I can get him to eat dry food almost always when I go outside with a handful of it, and feed Lars and Fozzie by hand. I guess Lars figures that if Fozzie's enjoying it, he'd better get in on it too! The rest of the time, its a vegan's nightmare for Lars...cheese, cows milk, huevos, bacon, anything fat. He'll be a roly poly family dog like the rest of mine before I'm done with him.

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