Sunday, May 30, 2010

foster failure in the making

Lars went to his prospective adopter's house yesterday, but is back with me now. It was just too much to process for the sweet little freshly-neutered man, and he seems happy to be back. So we are going to let him mellow out here with his buddy Fozzie for a while, let his poor beleaguered scrotum heal up with hot compresses every day, and take our time with this adoption.

I wasn't really ready to let go of him anyway:)

Somehow the shepherd noses grab at me with a unique intensity--that silly sideways smile that they do when they sniff something or when they are being affectionate. He will make a handsome sweetie to some lucky adopter!

As for me, I can't say its the first nose that's affected me profoundly, nor will it be the last. Gotta keep that revolving door of foster dogs rolling....

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