Thursday, May 6, 2010

creative solution

So the new white shepherd is doing better every day, but I still feel that I am not trainer or manager enough to handle having him inside--three big males, one of them unneutered and unknown--is bigger than me! I know being in my yard and on my porch is an improvement to being at large and at risk of being hit by a car, etc., but it still breaks my heart to have him out there, everybody else in here, and him squeaking away and wanting to come in! The few times I have let him in, Lamar and Tashi did not stop growling, he did not stop humping Fozzie, and I can't even imagine what the budgies thought of it. I still can't get a leash on him easily, didn't want to drag him inside and into the crate--so what to do?

The crate is just inside the door, with the crate door open to the outside and positioned so he can't sneak into the house around the crate opening. He can see in, get an idea for what a household is like, and not feel excluded, I can get him used to a crate with lots of hot dogs, and the other dogs can get used to him without danger of being humped!

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