Sunday, November 1, 2015

Marshal the Shy, Sweet, Foster T. Rex

It was so wonderful to foster Sky Princess that I decided to jump right into it again. We were matched up this time with Marshall!

Marshal was found as a stray, so it's not surprising that he's shy about meeting humans.

When I got him from the shelter he walked along beside me tentatively, and he had to be lifted into the car--climbing up himself was too scary. During the ride home, he didn't seek out affection but he accepted me petting him as he sat in the passenger seat beside me. 

Shelter staff told me they were giving him to me because his play style was annoying to most dogs, but would fit right in at my house. 

Sure enough, Marshal and Dahlia soon discovered how much fun it was to wrestle, chew, and hump one another.  

These first few days, Marshal is still a bit uncertain about being in the home. He seems to only know what to do when he is playing with Dahlia 

and definitely does not understand the concept of just relaxing and hanging out. Which is pretty normal for a 9 month old dog, especially one who was a stray. Just think about how hard it must be to relax when you're living in the streets! Poor baby. 

We are trying to just slowly let him build his confidence by trying new things while learning a bit of structure. 

Like, you know, learning that there is a time and a place for chewing on your playmate like you are going to rip each other's heads off, and making blood-curdling noises like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

Made a really good soundtrack and some terrifying scenes for Halloween night though, let me tell you. 

It is reminding me of those first few weeks--no, months--with Dahlia, when I wondered if she would ever settle down. Puppies are just nonstop wackiness. 

Marshal, you just be yourself and enjoy! It's good to have you, in all your gentle, wacky glory. 


  1. Hi Marshall, we send you good wishes for a better life. You're in with the "right" family who'll help you on your way.

  2. Oh Marshall, you are beautiful!! He looks like he is fitting right in and having lots of fun. They really are non stop. Cocoa still is even though she is 2 1/2!!

  3. These dogs are so lucky to have you, Kirsten.


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