Saturday, November 21, 2015

A hike in Great Falls

This has been a wonderful fall so far, with mild temperatures spread out over the weeks since September. It was the driest September on record though, so the leaves were quick to turn and less dramatic than in other years. 

Still some beautiful sights when we went to Great Falls to follow up Florian's Nutcracker rehearsal with a hike, as we do every year. 

Marshal enjoyed the hike, but seemed a little unsure about the water.

Good to expose him to new environments though,

and of course beautiful to see the Potomac with the changing leaves

 and observe all of nature's wacky, artistic manifestations.

Marshal trotted along, tangling himself up with the other dogs as usual and taking everything in.

Slowly letting go of his uneasiness.

Only for Florian to brutalize him all over again with intensity. Poor Marshal.


  1. The lok on his face in that last photo is priceless!

  2. It is so fun to explore in new places. It has been a wonderful fall, oh my goodness. No snow so far!! I love that last picture. What a face!!

  3. Oh, it's a dog's life.
    (Also, dry weather means leaves turn brown and orange quicker? You learn something new every day.)

  4. Love Great Falls! Looks like a lovely hike. :)


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