Wednesday, September 23, 2015

End-of-Summer Round Up

These weeks have included some quiet pleasures and a few new discoveries. 

While it was still near 100 and humid, it was a good time to go spend some time with Aunt Nancy at the pool.

Dahlia loves being outside with us all day, sunbathing--with lots of sunblock on her ears and nose-- 

getting lots of affection,

 and her favorite, being around the people food. 

Better enjoy the pool while we can, because after that it started to cool off. 

Still lots of opportunities to take the dogs into the woods and let them run so they get nice and tired, 

and at the first puddle Dahlia just can't resist the opportunity to lie down in it 

and then roll around so her entire head gets covered in mud.

Good thing we were near a stream so we could rinse that thing off well. 

Why is it that the more disgusting and idiotic they are, the more irresistible? 


  1. Hawwooo! 100 degrees, oh deary, deary that is hot! Glad wooos have a pool to play in BOL!!


    1. wow 100 wow.....we are afraid of water, unless we are sitting in the kitchen rose

  2. We wonder if auntie could bring her pool here
    Lily & Edward

  3. I LOVE the photo of peep reading newspaper while doggie checks out the food!


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