Monday, September 7, 2015

Dogswell Vitality Treats from

We just love these monthly deliveries of high-quality snacks from 

Dogswell Vitality Duck Strips Dog Treats, 5-oz bagThis month did not disappoint with Dogswell Vitality Chicken Strips.

I decided to see if they could be used to interrupt a hard-core wrestling, romping, tugging session between Fozzie and Dahlia.

This time, there was a distant thunderstorm as they wrestled 

so Fozzie was extra anxious and intent on channeling his anxiety through chewing on Dahlia. 

Would they even notice when I dangled a tasty snack in front of their foaming, frothy gurgling little mouths?

The answer is yes. These limited ingredient, chewy strips are so savory that those dogs disengaged from their idiotic game and were all ears and noses the minute they caught a whiff of their gluten-free, flaxseed-flavored goodness. 

And after enjoying a few, they seemed a lot less anxious! Thanks for helping us get through another stormy night!


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