Sunday, August 2, 2015

Once a Foster, Always in my Heart

I got some sad news over the weekend, and really the only sad outcome I know about with any of my former foster dogs. Lady passed away. Not sure how long ago, but it was of pneumonia and by the time she went she was crippled by arthritis. 
Lady was such a sweet bear, such a kissy girl. I adopted her to my neighbor just after my mom died, and I never felt great about that adoption. I was never sure she was happy there, and it haunted me that she was just down the street and I couldn't see her as much as I longed for. 

I learned a lesson, never adopt to a neighbor unless you are absolutely certain it's a great home. It is too easy to worry, whereas with all my other former fosters I can just assume the best and enjoy my blissful ignorance.

I always thought I made a decision that wasn't the best because I was in such shock and grief from losing my mom. 

I have to comfort myself with the thought that she was already stiff with arthritis when I got her, and maybe she would have lived no longer in another home. Maybe she was happy with her quiet home, and got some nice walks. I am pretty sure her people loved her. I am glad I afforded her some months of happiness, wish I had kept her and given her more. 

Rest in peace Lady! You were a really special one. 


  1. Sorry to hear you have some regrets. God knows, my history with my guinea pig Cocoa was rife with regret and bad feelings.

    This is why I love your blog: you write honestly about the mental and emotional difficulties of fostering and dog ownership; the complicated parts like going back and forth on whether the right decisions are being made. I think we need more bloggers who paint pictures that are not entirely rosy, and I on a personal level can relate to difficulties with the think-y part! So thankyou for sharing those.

    Rest in Peace Lady. For what it's worth, while I'm really not a spiritual person, I believe that no matter what others did or didn't, it DOES make a difference to her existence in the universe that you loved her.

  2. Im so sorry you have regrets. I completely understand how you were in a tough place and had to make the decision you did. While I dont doubt your observations and am sure your home is the best perhaps the loss of your mom colored your opinions on your adoption and maybe she was happy and loved with your neighbor. I am surprised they didn't inform you though. I always communicate with the people I got my dogs from when they are sick or pass. Bingo and Zira who were too older dogs I rescued passed and I talked to the people I got them from regularly. I also email my younger dogs breeders regularly, they are good responsible breeders and have good tips and want to hear about their dogs. However, LAdy may have been very happy in her neighbors home. Many dogs like a quiet home. So dont feel too badly. My oldest Ping has seer arthritis now and I know she prefers it quiet, she struggles even with a 20 minute walk in the park but enjoys lying i the sun

    retro rover

    PS also Im sure Lady knows you loved her and that makes all the different

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. I remember reading about her in your blog. What a sweet girl.

  4. Listen Kirsten, you did the best that you could have given the circumstances at the time and the options that you had available at the time. It's always so much easier in hindsight to second guess and to ask what-if. And sometimes we imagine things worse than they really were. Who's to say whether things were as bad or as good as we suspect. We weren't there. What we do know is what you did while you had Lady. That's important. We like you. My dad says we'd adopt you. So you must be a good person.

  5. Regrets are often not a sign that you did something unwise. Instead, they're a sign of your care.

    I hope Lady did enjoy a quiet and lovely life. And I'm sorry for your sad news.

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