Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy National Dog Day and Pit Bull Week

Well I was a little late to the game in realizing that today was National Dog Day and this week is Pit Bull Week! Let's take the opportunity to appreciate just how bloody incredible these things are.

Lately, I've been super busy with taking care of Uncle Johnny and Dad, working, and gardening, but it's hard to do any of those things when it means, for just one minute, pulling myself away from these dogs. 

I could really look at those gorgeous faces all day. 

And when they're not entertaining me with their idiotic antics 

or helping me with my workout

or being completely adorable, smart, charming, loving and sweet to my guests from Switzerland,

I really would rather be squishing their faces, kissing their noses, and holding their paws as I sniff them, with the utmost devotion, than anything else I can think of. 

Dogs are just incredible. Of course I love my dogs more than any others, and I love pit bulls because they are so darn affectionate, and physical, and demonstrative. 

But all dogs are amazing beings. When I'm biking to work, when I visit the shelter, when I'm on vacation and I see dogs I've never seen before and will never see again, they all have that ridiculous smile and those silly,happy, friendly faces that say, 

Life is good! I like you. Can I lick you? 

I don't know if there's ever a day or a week when I am not celebrating my dogs, but this week you can be sure I'll celebrate even more.

Happy National Dog Day, and Happy Pit Bull Week! Please give your furry friends an extra squish, and why not spend some time volunteering at your local shelter or rescue too?


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