Sunday, July 5, 2015

Liberty Reservoir

I don't know about you, but for me the best outdoor adventures are the ones involving water. 

For dog-centered activities, there's just nothing better than watching those things swim around and get nice and wet. 

This past Sunday, I really wanted to go to a place we went a couple years ago around this time of year, where we'd found vast numbers of incredible raspberries. I grew up picking berries in the Adirondacks so it's something I just can't pass up. 

Florian didn't really want to drive that far though, so he took me to Liberty Reservoir. 

Huge, beautiful, peaceful reservoir that supplies water to Baltimore, so no swimming for humans. But there's a trail going around it, and while there were a number of people boating and fishing, the trail was pretty empty. 

So lots of opportunity for the dogs to be off leash 

and run and swim like little lunatics

There is something so peaceful about large expanses of water, especially when there are few people and the ones there are don't care about you and your dogs.

And the best part - the trail was covered with raspberries! 

Apparently they just grow like mad all over Maryland in the woods in the vicinity of Baltimore. The dogs and Florian patiently waited while I indulged my childhood compulsion. 

On the way back, we stopped at a sweet little produce stand and got some beets, 

and learned that beet greens are yet another food Dahlia enjoys. 

Who knew? Truly something for everyone on this trip. Sometimes listening to Florian really pays off!


  1. Crikey .... for once someone got it right. No humans allowed but dogs are welcome. I've never found a place like that. What a great time you all had and fresh raspberries to boot. OMD It doesn't get any better than that, aye?? Are you making raspberry pie??????

  2. really nice place. None of our dogs like water except for Bob the bulldog and he can't swim at all! He is allowed to wade on leash.

    retro rover

  3. Misty the alpha Poodle is part fish. She would love a place like that but it is a little too far to drive. My other Poodle hates water. Go figure.

  4. Agree! Outdoors and water go hand in hand
    Lily & Edward

  5. Lovely that you didn't have to travel far to have a lovely day. I also liked Liberty Reservoir when I was a kid.

    BTW, Six Mile Creek reservoir supplies water to Ithaca and it's a very popular place for skinny dipping. I suspect Ithaca water tastes so good because of all the nudies.

    Liberty might want to loosen its swimming restrictions to make the water taste sweeter. :)

  6. In CT not only are people not allowed in the reservoirs, but dogs aren't either. There is one nearby where people do it, but I think if you got caught you'd get a fine.

    Glad Florian knew a place he could indulge your berry craving.


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