Thursday, July 9, 2015

Getting out on the Water

Much as I love spending every moment of every weekend with the dogs, there are some watery activities that are just easier without them. 

Like boating. 

After buying an inflatable boat, then selling it, buying another inflatable boat, then selling that one, then borrowing our friend's kayaks for two summers, then being gifted an inflatable kayak, which he also sold, 

Florian has finally settled on an inflatable zodiac as his favorite toy in the world. 

It is actually pretty cool because two people can fit in it, 

and you can paddle or use the motor that Florian also bought.

But sometimes a girl's gotta have her own toys, especially since I never know how long Florian's toys are going to stay around. We found an incredible kayak, lightweight and almost small enough to fit in my Honda, but big enough to put Dahlia in it should I ever decide to. 

Had to go to several Dick's Sporting Goods to find one where they hadn't already sold out, 

but finally found the perfect little kayak to enjoy all by myself. 

And found that there are really few things more relaxing than going kayaking solo. 

That being out on the water in the middle of the afternoon, alone in the midst of a still, silent expanse of water, surrounded by trees and sky and with boyfriend and dogs and even Uncle Johnny off doing their own things, is a great unheralded pleasure.

Love my new kayak! Now just have to find a way to keep Florian from selling it. 


  1. Nothing better than being on the water
    Lily & Edward

  2. Sometimes alone time is precious.

  3. I love any water activities looks like fun

  4. Get yourself a good bike lock and hide the key from Florian. That man sounds dangerous. :)

    Glad you got some tranquil water time in.

    BTW, if Florian ever gets tired of the inflatable, introduce him to a porta bote. They can be disassembled to about the size of a surf board and are tough enough to hold up to dog nails and rocky shorelines. They can be rowed, sailed, or used with an outboard.

    And gazillions have been made so you can often find them used for a good price. We're looking to buy one as our new dinghy.

    1. Those look amazing Pamela! I will have to show Florian...then it is only a matter of time before the inflatable goes on the market.

  5. I'd love to Kayak, but I'm not sure I'd be able to lift one myself. Is it very light? Bulky? Do share. :-)

    1. This one is super easy to lift--25 pounds! And you could fit it in a small minivan or SUV or station wagon, maybe even my Honda Fit.

  6. Hi Kirsten, oh cool. Your own kayak. My dad used to kayak and found the peace that you described (when he wasn't paddling madly). We think that Florian will eventually end up buying a pontoon boat so that he and you and all the kids can putt-putt leisurely around a lake, drink some wine, eat, sleep, drink some more wine and stuff. It's what my dad does with his friends in cottage country (Ontario).


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