Monday, May 18, 2015

Groovin' with Genghis at the 9th Annual Fashion for Paws Runway Show

Those of you who know me know that I'm pretty much of a nature girl. Pretty outdoorsy, kinda hippie, kinda crunchy, way more likely to sport a tie dye sarong with a treat bag than a cocktail dress with a purse. But there's a secret side of me that only those closest to me know about.  

That's the side that loves getting all dressed up and having an evening out with my sweetie 

and my family

and actually getting to walk the runway with Genghis at the Washington Humane Society's Fashion for Paws Runway Show!

Photo by Moshe Zusman
It's an annual benefit for the shelter, wherein volunteers who raise a certain amount can walk the runway in fashions donated for the evening by participating designers. Their dogs get to borrow doggie fashions for the evening and walk the runway too. 

It was three months of hard work to raise enough money to qualify, but I knew it would be worth it just to have this experience once!

As someone who grooms other beings for a living, it was fantastic to actually feel what it's like to be groomed myself and to get my hair and face done by professionals. 

There's a first time for everything! 

All the models spent most of the afternoon together backstage, so I got to make some new friends while I got my hair done and practiced my walk. Meanwhile, my sister brought Genghis to the event and he stayed at a special zen dog paradise until it was time for us to walk.

Then that moment came! Genghis and I were united backstage and I got to see him in his sparkly turquoise magnificence. 

When we walked out, he exuded calmness and self-assurance. Glad one of us did!

I had some treats because I thought he might do that thing he often does in public where he rolls over on his back with his paws up in the air and doesn't move for a while. 

Which would have been kind of good, but I knew the organizers of the show wanted to keep things moving. 

But Genghis elected not to play dead and angle for a belly rub on this occasion, instead just pausing in front of a photographer whenever he could to make sure they got a really good shot of his handsomeness. 

Photo: Janet Donovan
I missed not having Fozzie and Dahlia, and missed not having them hump my leg, lunge at other dogs, and bark and yodel loudly as they careened and pulled uncontrollably at the end of the leash. But maybe others wouldn't have enjoyed that as much. 

What's wrong with people, anyway?

Thanks Genghis and family for a lovely evening! This was truly a night to remember.


  1. you look very glam and what a cool idea! Genghis is a really neat looking dog, but I'm with you Fozzie and Dahlia would ha been great too
    retro rover

  2. Kristin! You look so beautiful! How funny that your felt like you were being groomed! I totally get it. All the pictures are fabulous! Thanks for sharing this special evening :-)

  3. You both look gorgeous. What a great idea for a fundraiser, I've always envied my Poodles when they go to the groomer and get fussed over.

  4. Crikey ......what a great time you all had. You look amazing and so does Genghis. You got to walk the runway at a fashion show??????? How special was that, aye??

  5. Oh how I wish Genghis had rolled over on his back. That would have been adorable.

    But you both looked very elegant. Glad you had a great time and raised money for such a good cause.

    As for being Nature Woman, it's always cool to do new things.

  6. You and Genghis both looked wonderful, and I'm glad you raised so much money for a great cause.

  7. Good for you! That is a fantastic idea and for such a wonderful cause.

  8. You both look stunning! Whaat an experience for such a good cause.


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