Monday, May 25, 2015

Blue Wilderness Chicken and Turkey Jerky Dog Treats from Natural Pet Warehouse

This month, Natural Pet Warehouse offered us TWO bags of jerky treats for the dogs -- Blue Wilderness chicken AND Turkey jerky dog treats

I decided to put the turkey treats to the grooming test, with a couple of senior dog clients. Doonie came to me for a summer clip down, and sure felt better about the whole thing because she got to enjoy some grain free, gluten free turkey snacks. 

I am not sure why these snacks contain salt and molasses--wouldn't dogs enjoy pure turkey jerky just as much? On the other hand, those are the only three ingredients and they are made in the USA. Who could really complain about that?

Not Doonie. She just lifted a little paw in supplication for another taste of that turkey-y goodness. 
And Loki? She just came for a relaxing bath in lavender soap. A bath made even more relaxing with some tasty turkey treats.

We brought some chicken treats over to Genghis to see how he felt about them. What would be his thoughts, feelings, and ideas about these bits of jerky fun?

Genghis has a lusty appreciation for the good things in life, and it showed with these treats. 

In fact, even if he had been feeling more verbose on this evening, it would have been hard for him to give a more ringing endorsement than the one he provided just with his look of pure anticipation as he contemplated these treats, and then eagerness as he realized fulfillment.

I think our distinguished panel of experts would agree that these Blue Wilderness Chicken and Turkey Jerky Dog Treats from Natural Pet Warehouse are some really good treats! 

Suitable for grooming desensitization, training, or just plain celebrating who your dog is.


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