Monday, May 19, 2014

Life without Lars

Although my bond with Lars was unique, somehow I knew that if he found the right home there would be a net gain of happiness in the world.  

I think he was really kind of anxious with me, more anxious than he'll be in his new home. 

Some of his behaviors, like when he decided he absolutely needed to excavate under the doggie pool,

were probably triggered by his anxiety.

And though I loved his squishy little nose

and his filthy, precious, adorable paws 

that I could hold for hours and kiss and sniff, 

I don't mind that someone else is holding them, kissing them, and washing them now. 

Lars, you troublemaker. 

I'm so glad you found a great home!


  1. Don't know how you do it. I would want to keep every buddy that stepped foot in this house. Lars is one special pup
    Lily & Edward

  2. I'm with the two French bulldogs. I'd have 100 dogs if I could, of course I couldn't walk them

    Glad Lars found his forever home.

  3. Thank you for caring for Lars and loving him til his forever home came along. He left you with some wonderful memories! :)


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