Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A New Chapter

I've been posting sporadically of late, because at times it is hard to find motivation and because with my three big problem children around, necessitating double walks so Lars and Lamar didn't have to walk together,there just wasn't much time.

Then when my Uncle Bob passed away, it was a comfort to remember him and pay tribute to him, and to read your condolences.  

And now that another significant life event has occurred, it feels good to record for posterity that Lars has gone to a wonderful new home!
Just when I was beginning to despair of finding an adopter who was mature enough to give him lifelong stability, loving enough to tolerate his anxiety and other issues, and who didn't have cats or little kids or incompatible dogs, I heard from an applicant who saw his ad on

This adopter has spent a lifetime rescuing dogs, cats, and even rats, volunteers at the shelter, works from home, and has a husband and teenage son who are equally wacky about animals. After talking to her at length on the phone, I had a really good feeling about it and decided after a few more talks that I would drive the three hours to bring Lars to her.

Which I did, worrying the whole way. 

Lars himself was not too worried.

He was a little worried when he got there, but we quickly saw that these were really good people and Lars would be happy with them. 

Wendy and her dad put my mind at ease with stories of practically living at the vet's office for stretches at a time because they were trying to rescue three cats and seven dogs with multiple issues, and of Wendy's rescued rat Ms. Nippy who bit everyone she met, but nonetheless lived a happy life and was loved until she died of old age. 

I was still a wreck. The hardest part is knowing what's going on--knowing that I was going to leave and not take Lars with me, and knowing that Lars did not have the same information. That as far as he knew, he was just on an excursion with me and would be returning with me. 

I tortured myself with these thoughts the whole way home. Fortunately, the moment I returned it was time to pick up Uncle Johnny and my brother Barry from the bus station, so for the rest of the evening I was regaled with riveting debates on the relative costs of driving or taking public transportation in New York City, or the width of the average median barrier. As you might imagine, pondering these vital questions soon chased all stressful or sad thoughts from my heart. 

And then, I came back to my relatively quiet home and saw how relaxed Fozzie and Lamar were, and felt my own relaxation, and was able to leave the house without separating anyone. 

And then, I started getting updates from Lars' new family 
telling me how he's happy and loved, falling asleep holding hands with his humans, 

going for walks and car rides in his new safety harness, getting lots of love and attention and treats. 
And even I am starting to relax, just like Lars.


  1. Congratulations to you and to Lars! I know it is so painful saying goodbye, but this sounds like a wonderful situation for him. Thanks for all that you did to help him gain confidence and stability. He is a better dog thanks to you!

  2. Every time I think about fostering I think about the separation. How rewarding for you to find a perfect home.

  3. What a lovely placement and home for Lars with such release for your heart! He looks most content. That photo of him zoned out in your car is hilarious. So good to hear this for you all.

  4. Yay Kirsten!! I caught up on your blog at day's end yesterday and didn't have time to comment, so first I want to say I'm sorry to hear of Uncle Bob's passing. I know you know he is in a better place but it doesn't make it easier for those who are left behind. So I'm sending you a hug.

    As for Lars, I had just read your anxiety about finding him a home and your concern that you couldn't and now today I read that you did. That's so wonderful and I'm so happy for you, Lamar, Fozzie and of course Lars. It must give you such peace to know he will be cared for.

  5. It takes a very special person to give and not take. Thanks for calling into Soggibottom Cottage, your welcome back any time.
    I'm sure Lars won't forget you. You won't forget him. Lots of love for taking care of such a special guy.
    :-) x x x


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