Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Beach Vacation

In our part of the world, as elsewhere, last week brought some record cold temperatures along with snow and freezing rain. Since Florian has a long vacation from teaching around the holidays, we figured--let's go to the beach!

I've always loved going to the beach in the winter, when everything is empty and vast and the dogs can just run and chase seagulls unmolested. 

We decided to go to Rehoboth, as we haven't been there in a while and we knew we'd be able to find a dog-friendly hotel. 

When we got there, it was the beginning of the intense cold snap we had and there was an icy wind. Time for Fozzie to break out his waterproof flannel-lined jacket that makes him look like a ridiculous horse. 

It would be a cool place to visit in the summer, but it would be packed, and no dogs allowed on the beach, and impossible to park. In this weather, it was perfect.

 We got there late in the afternoon, in time to take a walk on the beach and watch the rays of the setting sun as they just caught the breaking waves. 

And throw some sticks and bits of driftwood for Fozzie, 

who, along with Lamar, was in heaven.

Lamar has always had a great love for the beach, especially for chasing his friends the seagulls. 

He did some of that this time, and barked when Florian threw sticks for Fozzie, and trotted along with us and tried to avoid the icy water. 

In the evening, we treated ourselves to a hotel room as even we are not crazy enough to attempt to sleep in the car when the temperature is hovering in the single digits. 

Some tired dogs were happy to indulge as well.

One of the great things about Rehoboth is that it is right near some other beautiful places, like Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge and Cape Henlopen State Park. 
 Which were also beautiful, empty, free, and dog friendly--at least in the winter. 

There are some very cool old barracks from World War II,

 and an observation tower you can climb up in for an incredible view. 

There are great places to go for a hike and observe wildlife, and with temperatures in the 30s by the second day we were there it felt positively balmy and completely pleasant for a nice nature stroll. 

So many hidden treasures. 

A cool little town called Rock Hall, where there were only about 3 stores but all 3 of them were cool little artistic shops. Which is very close to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, which Florian says we went to, years ago, but of which I have no memory. 

Another great place to view wildlife 

and just enjoy the vast silence and peace of nature, turned inward for the months of cold.


  1. What a beautiful place to unwind and refresh your inner Zen. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We absolutely love going to the beach in the off season. Gorgeous

  3. I love the beach in the winter. Heck, I always love the beach.

    If you take another off-season trip to Delaware, maybe you'd enjoy the ferry trip to Cape May, NJ from Lewes, DE. Off-season, the beaches are open to dogs and the Delaware is a very special place for birdwatching.

    So glad you decided not to sleep in the van. :)

    1. We did that ferry trip Pamela! A couple of years ago. It was beautiful.

  4. Looking amazing it is.. thanks for sharing your experiences

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