Friday, January 10, 2014

Natural Balance Holiday Packs: a Nifty Gifty from

Yes, its been ages. The holidays, a new job, social events, travel, dogs to groom, dogs to massage and make out with and pet and massage some more: lots of excuses for not being a consistent blogger of late. 

And what better excuse to blog again than to review the Natural Balance Dog Holiday Pack we received from in December? 

The holiday pack contains some  limited ingredient treats, a can of ultra premium chicken formula food, and a turkey food roll. We got right into testing out our Holiday Pack. 

The limited ingredient treats are a nice, crunchy snack that provided a great between-meals pick-me-up for my dogs. 

While I wouldn't use them for anything that required a really high-value treat, I like having some substantial, crunchy treats around for when the pups are hungry and yet they're tired of their mealtime kibble. 

And while they're maybe not as exciting as a freeze-dried treat or nonvegetarian human food leftovers, Fozzie was happy to scarf some down even on a walk, and even when he was wearing his winter coat. 

Next we tried the canned food, which was a huge hit. 

The boys just chowed down that tasty canned food mixed in with their kibble and it was great to see them enjoy their meal so much.

The last item in the box was a little turkey food roll, for use as a meal or broken up into bits for snacks. I hadn't thought of this stuff in a while, but it's what I used all the time back when I was teaching a lot of training classes and had to have handy, tasty, not too nasty treats.  Dogs loved them and they were easy to break into tasty bits for storage in a treat pouch. Lamar is really happy to have them back.

Thanks,, for the great holiday fun pack!

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