Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Return to Overall Run

After our relatively dog-free day last weekend, we wanted to head back to one of our favorite dog-friendly places, the swimming holes on the Overall Run Trail.

This is the trail we visited in the spring, and vowed to come back when it was warm to cool off in the swimming holes. 

It is such a gorgeous place. A steep trail through the woods along reddish dirt, a trail that continues to intersect with the Appalachian trail or the Tuscarora Trail, of which I have fond memories from the early months after I had met Florian.

Overall Run flows over smooth, sculpted rocks that are carved into deep, rounded pools perfect for swimming. Three big pools are joined by cascading falls over slick rock, very slippery for humans and dogs to navigate but fun for the adventurous to slide down. 

We didn't think the water would be too cold, since it's been raining so much and its been so bloody hot. 

In any case, we were determined to go in the water no matter how cold it was because we were in danger of melting from the humidity and the heat on the hike in.

It was definitely cold! But it felt incredibly refreshing, and the water in this pool was at least 7 feet deep in the center. Lamar and Fozzie loved getting to cool down too. 

Lamar found a comfy vantage point in which to relax and survey the action, 

and Fozzie spent a fair amount of time anxiously checking everything out, 

meeting the other people out enjoying the spot, venturing in to the water, 

barking at us when we were in the water, and stealing the lunch foods left unattended by innocent picnickers. 

We knew there would be other people at this spot, since we knew its a popular place and in this heat, who in their right mind wouldn't be out enjoying a cool swimming hole in the woods? And its always a crap shoot whether strangers and co-recreationists are going to appreciate our particular unruly pooches.

But on this occasion we were lucky, everyone who came by stopped to give our dogs a pet and remark on how handsome they were. It seemed like the beautiful spot just brought out the best in everybody who was there.

And despite friendly people and irresistible little kids, Fozzie didn't jump up on anyone!

He was even quite nice to an 11-year-old lab who showed up and proceeded to swim after every stick, rock, and tennis ball her dad threw in the water for her. 

Such joy! 

From our vantage point, with the clear water we were able to observe the mechanics of an excellent dog paddle in action.  

Gotta hand it to the labs. 

What a great place to enjoy a summer day and some family lovin'. Thanks for a great day, guys!


  1. Looks like everyone had a fun time! What a beautiful place.

  2. Oh my goodness does that look wonderful
    Benny & Lily

  3. Looks like a perfect way to cool down! We've got some similar hiking spots here that I love but it's never hot enough for me to join the dogs:/

  4. So envious. You find the best spots Kirsten!!

  5. Hi Kirsten, hope all is well. Swimming looks good.

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