Monday, July 15, 2013

Cavern and Kayak

With finally a couple of days of no rain this past weekend, Florian and I tried to fit in as much activity as we possibly could before the all-but continuous deluge resumed.

On Saturday, we were going to go to Great Falls to watch a bunch of kayakers actually go over the falls, which seems insane to me but I guess there are some really adventurous types out there. The event was cancelled because the Potomac is apparently 5 feet above its normal level, and apparently cool heads prevailed. 

Our morning already set aside for dog-free fun, we decided to check out Crystal Grottoes Cavern in Boonesboro, Maryland. 
It was fascinating to learn how these incredibly intricate formations were created through the slow process of water percolating through rock. 

Though at moments it was a tad claustrophobia-inducing to be in a narrow passage underground with a group of strangers, it was worth it to see all the delicate ribbons and cool crystalline formations. 

We were really glad we got to check out the caverns, but a few hours away from the dogs was enough. 

We decided to try out a new cool toy in the company of Fozzie and Lamar. Our ever-helpful friend Francine left us her inflatable kayak, since we haven't been able to use the big kayaks since losing our mini-van to vandalism in February. 

Florian was in heaven at the prospect of a kayak that is easily transportable and lightweight, so we headed out to the Rocky Gorge Reservoir on the Patuxent River in Maryland. 
Although it lacks the size and durability of the big kayaks, in which we had several fun afternoons paddling around with my bitty foster Pager tucked in to the kayak with me,

the inflatable was more than serviceable for Florian to paddle around the lake and get his kayaking fix in
while I waited with the dogs. 
And poor Lady waited at home, ready to give voluminous kisses when we got back. 

She seems pretty content to relax at home, though of course every dog's greatest desire is to be with her people. But I don't want to exacerbate her arthritis, and it is challenging to go places with Lady and Lamar together as they get testy when in close proximity for too long. 

Hope she will find a person of her own soon, who will fill her days with Lady-specific activities tailored just to her (simple) needs and desires. Isn't that what every dog deserves?


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I've been to a few caves and get what you mean. They are fascinating, but the closeness is a little creepy too.

  2. those photos are breathtaking!
    Barks and licks and love,

  3. That cavern is so beautiful! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Are those close to you? You always have the best adventures. And have you ever kayaked with the pups? Sometimes I've seen people doing that and I was always curious about it.

  5. Sure looks it wound up to be a nice adventure
    Benny & Lily

  6. What a beautiful weekend you had. Fingers crossed that Lady finds her forever home soon!!

  7. Awesome picture! Looks like another great outing:)

  8. Dog breeds selector
    You took me right up there, to where I spent a season teaching on the north shore of Lake Superior. The teacherage I lived in was on a rock, overlooking water just as you've pictured.


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