Monday, May 13, 2013

A wild and wacky weekend of wonder

This weekend was the realization of several months of anticipation, which finally came to fruition in the Greenbelt Green Man Festival and the Faerie Festival. 

Greenbelt is a town of groovy, community-oriented, artistic vegetarian types not far from Takoma Park. The Green Man Festival celebrates the acres of protected forest that surround Greenbelt, as well as the ecologically aware, communitarian spirit of the town's human inhabitants. 

A lot of my favorite people live in Greenbelt, and it is always a blast to bring Florian there and see him really express himself with all of our artist buddies. 
One of the best parts was bringing Genghis, who is in his element at festivals. For some reason everyone who sees him wants to stop and snuggle, and/or photograph or videotape him. 

Some paparazzi literally followed Genghis around with video cameras, and everyone we knew made sure to get a hug. Genghis spent most of his time there sprawled out on his back, drinking in the adoration.  

My friend Katy was just one of Genghis' admirers

For Mother's Day, we went to the Faerie Festival, an annual event in Maryland. 

We've been once before, but this year was even better because my sister and niece came, and we also found a unicorn who consented to go with us. 

A bunch of faerie folk have a big plot of land where they have vendors, music,
activities for the kids, 

one really bad food stall, 

and lots of space to run and prance.

There was one other unicorn besides ours, and it was lovely to see them together.

 My sister had a great time too. 

A definite high point was this guy, a magician of sorts who entertained us with his sleight of hand before jumping back on his giant ball and rolling down the hill. 

You don't find talent like that every day. 

After a certain point, our unicorn changed into a sultan and it was time to go home. 
When you can't have your dogs with you, I've found you pretty much have to have a unicorn/sultan figure just to get you through the day. 

How do YOU like your festivals? Dog-free, or with canines and unicorns happily coexisting? 


  1. Sadly through the years people have brought poorly trained dogs to some of my favorite outdoor activities and haven't cleaned up after them. One incessantly barking dog and poop on the shoes is enough to ban all the dogs and good owners.

  2. Wow, that looks like had a wonderful time. I have never seen a unicorn like that before!! We have never brought the dogs with us to a festival, unless it was like a doggie-type fair.

  3. Greetings from Auckland! Sorry I haven't visited lately, but just been so busy. I'm slowly catching up :)

    I love your festival! You guys go to the coolest places. It's been ages since I met elves, gnomes and fairies. Your 2-legged unicorn is precious. Please give him a pat for me. Hugs X

  4. Florian cracks me up! He's always willing to get in the spirit. I LOVE the picture of you and your niece. She looks so comfortable and natural being a fairy. Too bad that spirit and ability is leeched out of us over the years. Both festivals look so wonderful. I love well-behaved dogs at festivals. Sadly, like with ill-behaved humans, it only takes one or two bad ones to spoil it for all. Of course, the bad ones can't learn to be good if they don't have a chance to get out. I vote for dogs & unicorns. Let's live wild. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  5. Those humans are downright nutty
    Benny & Lily

  6. I would love that faerie festival, were there any elves? Or Hobbits?


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