Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little reunion

Last week, my friend Jodi from Heart Like a Dog asked if I'd like to meet her and a bunch of dog bloggers at the Blog Paws conference. How could I pass up an opportunity like that? It was so fun to meet Jodi and a bunch of the other ladies I know only from their blogs. Dinner and drinks with a bunch of people I've never met before, but who already felt like old friends....just what the naturopath ordered.

And, the visit took me very close to a certain adoptive home I've been wanting to visit. 

Yep, that one. 

Star hasn't changed much. When she saw me outside her building she of course proceeded to grab her leash in her mouth and yank it around like a madwoman. 

Fortuitously, I had brought a bag of stuffed toys and stuffed one of them in her mouth, which allowed us to get inside. Where she zoomed around and spent most of my visit on her back, 

or chewing on my arms, or zooming around some more. 

Her people report that she still has two settings, nutty or comatose, and that she is affectionate and loving with them. 

The best part is how devoted they are to her. They go on long walks, sleep with her at night, and kiss her a lot. They have told neighbors in their building about her origins, and are doing a great job of introducing her to lots of humans and making sure everyone has a chance to experience her kisses. They are undaunted by her issues, as the last dog they had was unpredictable around people. They are glad that Star loves every human she meets. 

Visits like this restore my faith in humanity. There really are angels among us!


  1. HAH o so cute... always have a stuffie on hand to shove into the mouth ;D so good to see her doing well

  2. The best part of rescue work :-)

  3. Forever homes are the best
    Benny & Lily

  4. Oh yes there are angels among us and I count my friend Kirsten as one. :-) You are exactly the way you portray yourself on your blog and I absolutely adored meeting you!! I'm so glad you remembered because I totally lost my mind with all the people I was meeting. It was such a fun time and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet, and I hope we can do it again!

    Glad you got to see Star and that her adopters are so committed to her. It must make you super happy!

  5. Aw, love hearing about a happy ending! :)

    That dinner was fun, wasn't it? It really was like catching up with a group of old pals.

  6. I'm so sorry I missed seeing you at BlogPaws. As part of our ongoing prep-Honey-for-sailing-plan, we took her on a boat ride down the Potomac.

    But I'm glad you were able to meet up with some of our cool mutual friends. And it's great to hear that Star is doing well with her new family. It looks like love.

  7. So glad to see and hear that Star is continuing to do well. It is always so rewarding as a foster parent to see the happy ending and then see them settled in. You sure helped Star find a fantastic home!

  8. What a great feeling:) So glad you got to see her again. I think I would burst into tears if I saw Shaka again!

  9. Aww!! What a great reunion :) Stopping by from the Pet Blogs United post :)

  10. That's fantastic! Dream/ideal family! I want a Star kissy!


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