Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sleepover with Star

The shelter is working to find a rescue group to take Star, feeling she's not quite ready for adoption but had made huge progress in that direction. I agreed to take her for the weekend to see how she does in a home environment. 

I was a little worried about how she'd do with Fozzie and Lamar, but for a weekend I knew I could manage keeping them separate if I had to. 

First thing she had to do upon greeting them in my back yard was of course to put her paws up on their shoulders, not exactly the most polite way to meet a new friend! 

Fozzie let her know how he felt about that vocally and loudly, and I was very happy to see that she backed down.
The rest of the afternoon and evening, those two had a wild time in the back yard. Circles around and around and around and around, until everyone was wheezing and gasping for breath and they still didn't stop. 

There were some intense wrestling matches too, which got very vocal and made me nervous they were going to escalate. The first couple of times I intervened, and then they both got more angry because there was a human holding them by the collars. 

I separated them, and fortunately separating them was easy and they seemed to bear no ill will toward each other. 

The next time they got loud and intense, I decided to just let them be. I watched as they got loud and intense, the snarling getting louder, rearing up on each other, mouthing each other, and then just...stopped. They stood next to each other, panting, and then went over and had a beverage together. 

Then started running around again, until they stopped, again, and had a drink.

Star definitely can get aroused more than some dogs. But thinking back to Sandy or Pager or Colette, or certainly Fozzie when I first had him, I don't think she's much worse than any of those dogs--all of whom had very happy endings. 

We spent some time in the yard raking leaves, and she got very excited about the rake and started going after it and biting it. 

She was easy to redirect though and happy to sit for a treat instead. She shows very little of that frustration intolerance she did the first couple of times I was with her--she's much more willing to go along with what the humans want.

Inside, she pestered Fozzie a little bit just the way my previous fosters used to, but eventually she followed his lead and plotzed out.

She got more and more affectionate the more time she spent here. 

As if she couldn't quite believe her good fortune or contain her excitement at first, but then the natural goodness that is inside all dogs just started to express itself as she relaxed. 

I am keeping her separate from Lamar, mostly as I have bad memories of Blue and want to be extra safe this time around. 

Lamar is getting extra therapeutic massage. I hope he understands that sometimes his mom just has to foster, there's no choice in the matter. 

How could you not give this girl a chance?


  1. I wonder what goes through their minds when they come into an environment like yours. What joy they must feel, yet how they must wonder if it is going to last.

    I wish you could just tell them that this is a part of the beginning of a wonderful life full of such joys.

    Through our rambling, we are trying to say, we so apreciate your willingness to bring them into your lives and help them to prepare for further better days.


  2. What a wonderful time for Star! She's sooo cute. I'm glad that her and Fozzie had a fun time and you were able to see how she was in a normal setting. Fingers and paws crossed for Star finding a fantastic forever home.

  3. It's hard to know when humans should interfere or just let the dogs work it all out themselves. You seem to have a natural feel for it.

  4. Good job! It's hard to figure out if snarling play growling will escalate and I've found out the hard way that sometimes the worst thing you can do is grab the collar:/

    I bet most dogs are bonkers when they finally get out of the shelter and then become more "normal". I know if I do a cheater short walk one day, my dogs are mega hyper the next day. That's awesome that you have a nice backyard for playing and that way you can claim the house as the calm place:D I hope Star finds a great home! She is super cute:)

  5. What a sweet girl Star is :) I bet if I had a bigger yard, Mom would let other doggies have sleep over's with me too :) Maybe some day. Crossin paws Star finds her pawfect furever home soon!

    Waggin at ya,

  6. Star is a real beauty. It sounds like the weekend went pretty well. Love that pic of her giving kisses! :)

  7. Bless you for giving this girl a chance. I believe you are transforming her, as she has a softness about her in the second last pic and you can really see a relaxed happiness.

  8. Hi Kirsten, aw you're a good egg. We like you - heart as big as the Cascade Mountains.

  9. You are braver than I, I always have a tough time allowing the dogs to get worked up and possibly escalating, but also possibly learning their own limit. I wish I was more confident - it really does show that Star has potential based on what you are learning!!

  10. I'm always a tense mess the first few hours of a new buddy in the house even when it goes really well. Thankfully we've never had an escalated situation with a new pup, really only one that had been around longer!


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