Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Madness

After Swiss fondue, lots of good stuff to drink, and some joyful play sessions Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my sister's house, it was time to head to Potomac to spent the day with my aunt. 

We decided that since Star had already had so much fun with Genghis, and since Fozzie is not the house guest you would wish on family members you actually like, we would bring Lamar to have a nice calm Christmas away from the bullies for a change. Florian and I had some time before we had to be at my aunt's house, so we decided to stop off at a trail along the Potomac which was close to their house.

How relaxing to be on the trail with just our buddy Lamar. Off leash, with no worries about him bolting away or getting into trouble. 

We haven't been to this one before, but it is one of those trails with the big rocks we love. 

We are going to have to come back when we have more time. For now, going on a trail was exactly what we needed, especially as the weather on Christmas was pleasant and bright. 

What a great way to clear the head, relax, and come back to the Christmas family festivities feeling joyful and refreshed.

The day at my aunt and uncle's house brought all kinds of fun we hadn't even expected. 

With some nice salty face washes, 

and a new friend--my aunt's friend Amy who, it turns out, loves animals and reads this blog! 


Hi Amy! I think Lamar is in love with you, and we humans loved meeting you too.


You'll be glad to know that Florian was in his usual form.

We were treated to some extraordinary dance performances and what I guess you could only call artistic expressions.

Although I'm not sure quite what was being expressed.

With two dancers in the house, neither of whom is exactly a shrinking wallflower, I suppose you have to be ready for this sort of absurdity. 

Florian's reputation preceded him among my aunt's friends, so fortunately no one had a heart attack in the midst of the gyrations, 

unicorn dances, 


and walrus impersonations. 


Guys, I think there's been some mistake. He's not really my boyfriend. Can either of you take him?

Meanwhile, Lamar was hamming it up in his own way.

With those pittie showoffs at home, Lamar could turn on the charm and finally get all the attention he deserves. 


All the guests enjoyed learning about that sweet spot around Lamar's ears that makes him relax--as evidenced by a big happy smile--when you scratch it.

And I felt as happy as Lamar did just to see him so relaxed and to get a day to celebrate with him. 

I love my pitties but gotta make time to show Lamar he's still my first born, and my beloved Anatolian mix and New Mexico Brown Dog.


Lamar knows that this is exactly how its supposed to be.

Hope your Christmas was as much fun as Lamar's! We are traveling and will see you again in the New Year!


  1. Lamar looks like a very happy and relaxed guy, how wonderful for him to be the center of attention for a day.

  2. Looks like a great way to spend Christmas! Safe travels.

  3. Look at you, Lamar! Workin' that room as only a browndog can!! Glad you got a special day!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  4. Florian, Florian! What a goofball ;) A vid perhaps?

    Good on Lamar for getting his own special day. Have a safe journey X

  5. So glad all of you are enjoying your holiday!

  6. Lovely Lamar, great to hear how you've enjoyed the holidays. Nice dancing too ;)

  7. So glad Lamar got to have a day to work his Lamar charm. Looks like Florian got plenty of opportunity to work his Florian charm too.

  8. YESH, Lamar and thing I enjoyed about bringing back dogs slowly after discharge was spending time with some who don't get that much attention otherwise. So sweet to see Lamar on the rocks and enjoying a walk. Have a Happy New Year.

  9. It looks like everyone had such a great time! The holidays are so quiet around here as all of our family is far away so we don't have a lot to share. It's great to see so many happy faces. :-) I hope you have a great start to the New Year!

  10. Ha! I think that's a good kind of madness :) And swiss fondu? OMD droolin up a puddle here.

    Waggin at ya,


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