Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy groaning growling convulsions

If there were just one thing I love about dogs (and there isn't), it would have to be those groaning, growling, rolling, happy convulsions they make. 

You know, when they flop down on the grass or on your bed or on their dog beds and roll around on their backs, rubbing their noses against the fabric or the ground and making a low, moaning, growling gurgly noise.

Lamar's always been a big convulser, and with the paws flailing in the air, the tail loosely wagging, those happy groans resounding, he seems like the epitome of happiness at those moments.

Lately, he seems to be stepping it up a notch. At all hours, but at least a few times an evening, I'll hear that low gurgling sound that I think must signal a happy, itchy nose and I have to just go wherever Lamar is and check it out.  

I think I may have heard once that this behavior may signal something is wrong. Is there more to it than just an urge to scratch that nose and that back? 

Since Lamar's been doing this ridiculous thing for all of his 13 years, and Tashi did it for all of her 15+ years, I can't bring myself to be too worried about it. 

Should I? Should I really worry that those groaning, growling, gurgly noses are ticking time bombs, just waiting to go off?

If anyone has any insights about dog gurgling, growling, rolling, happy convulsions behavior, now would be the time to let me know. 

Why do they do it? What does it all mean? 

We await your wise counsel. 

P.S. Don't forget to vote in Jodi's Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest! All the entries are fabulous, though of course I am partial to Fozzie's elephant impersonation...


  1. I'm going to have to come back to check your readers' insights. Georgia is a Major Convulsor and Grumbler when she sleeps. Freaks me out a little, while I also get a giggle out of it.

    Is that a food bowl with food still left in it? You would NEVER see that at our place!

  2. We got no growlers, groaners ect. in our family but we get a lot of guests who do it.
    We are with Georgia Little Pea, we are going to have to come back and see what others say.

    We love it though
    Bert and My Vickie

  3. I wish I could offer some insight. I'm still trying to figure out the many verses of a pet pig!

    If he has been doing it for a long time I'd think it's part of his character. A quick call to the vet may be more reassuring though!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  4. I think that is just how some dogs are. I love the sound too. Since the new puppy - I've heard a whole new batch of noises come from Blueberry that I have never heard before! Even little Linus has exhibited some noises of his own. I do sometimes wonder what exactly they are trying to say though...


  5. I'm intrigued to hear what people say too. My pups are champion convlusers and groaners when they sleep! (Spell check did not recognize either of those words. LOL.)

  6. Heehee! Fred and Gloria both do it and I am not too worried about it!

  7. Aaaahhh! All the wonderful sounds from our furry friends. From the sound of them chasing off some monster in their dreams to their snuffles, snorts and sobby sighs. I have to say one of the sounds I love and savor the most is the contented lipsmacking, crunchy munch of them eating their biscuit. It's the sound of pure satisfaction.

  8. Neither Braylon or Hades do this. They will roll to their back and itch and wag but they do it totally silent. Braylon actually is not a vocal dog at all-- she only makes noise if she plays tug. Hades too will only make noise when playing. But they both itch a lot due to allergies!
    I have a dog I sit for who is super loud when he rolls--I actually hate it! And you know I love almost all things dog!


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