Monday, June 18, 2012

Intro to the good life

This weekend provided a prime opportunity for Pager socialization. 

I've been giving her limited walks because she only just had her last DHPP shot--even though the vet said she could go anywhere now--but I knew my aunt and uncle's place was a safe and fun place for a pup to meet new people and be outdoors.

When she arrived, after a drive there in my sister's car, spent squirming and squeaking on my lap, sticking her head out the window, and finally peeing on me, she was already exhausted. 

After a romp of disbelief in my aunt's huge open yard, she curled up under the table, rested her head on a rock, and was fast asleep for the next two hours.

There she remained while the rest of us binged on yummy snacks, took swims, and played "Shark!" with my niece.

I finally roused her so she could get in on some of the fun. She's still not a social butterfly right off, but she does like people!

I agree Pager, it's hard not to like Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bob. 

To think that this dog was almost labeled hopelessly shy! 

Lots of shy dogs are scared of kids, but she did just fine with my shark-like niece. 

And did some crazy romping with her cousin Genghis. 

And stepped right up to watch him get hosed down. 

Pager, was that the highlight of YOUR day?


  1. You can really see the "puppy" in her in some of these pictures. Looks like a lovely day for all.

  2. Oh I can't believe you got dosed with pee! Looks like she had a good time in the end!

  3. I thought her name was Pagent. Did I miss a name change post or am I going crazy? That yard is like a park! Gorgeous. She peed on you...haha ;) you're hers now.

    1. Her name is "officially" Pagent--we started calling her Pager for fun and it's so ridiculous it stuck :)

  4. Peeing on people is exhausting! No wonder she took a long nap. :) She looks like she is doing great in your care.

  5. Oh, she's adorable! Rock pillow is hilarious.

  6. Hi Kirsten, we think that Pagent is coming along just fine. I bet that she can't believe her good luck in finding you and Florian.

  7. What a super cute tired pup. I love how puppies are either full speed or full stop!

  8. Genghis is huge next to Pager! So cute! Love the photo of Pager sleeping with her head on the rock. :->

    Your Aunt and Uncle have a beautiful yard and pool and fountain! Glad you all had wonderful day and that Pager did so well socializing.

    Suka and K

  9. LOL - she peed on you!? My goodness.

    Looks like she had a fun day though.

  10. Such a cute little thing. She looks like she has an amazing build in that last picture!

  11. what a fun place..all that attention is fun
    Benny & Lily

  12. I think she had a great day is is coming along terrific!


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