Monday, June 4, 2012

A day at the beach

Although, as you are all aware, we generally don't shy away from the challenge of bringing whichever crew of maladjusted, high-maintenance canines we have along on weekend adventures, every once in a while we just need the indulgence of a day with an easy dog.

So while we have her, we decided to go to the beach with just Collette. 

The thought of managing Lamar and Fozzie, challenging under any circumstances, on a beach with their cousin Genghis--whom they despise--was just too much to bear. 

But the couple of times we've had them together, Collette and Genghis--my sister's Akita--have had great chemistry. 

Yesterday was no different.  

My little tiny whippet-like "lab" shelter pup is not the least bit afraid of big, burly, rough-and-tumble Genghis. 

The huge, strong, fuzzy Genghis, who sends the musclebound Fozzie and the mighty Anatolian Lamar into fits of paranoid anxiety, is just a great big boy toy to my scrawny little foster pup. 

With perfect weather and a dog-friendly beach, not too crowded, it was great to let them enjoy some romping in the sand and water. 

If I'm really honest with myself, I'll admit that this was the first trip we've taken in a while on which I was really able to relax. 

With my sister, my niece, Florian the benevolent paterfamilias and his son, and just two dogs who got along and didn't run away, or lunge at other dogs, or make much of a fuss, I could just space out and enjoy the sun and the water.

I think I'd forgotten what that was like!

After a few hours, I was not the only one spacing out. Genghis was glad we brought that beach umbrella just for him. 

My sister is bummed that Collette is going back with her adoptive mom. 

I agree that it is wonderful to have an easy dog, and wonderful for Genghis and my little squirt to play so well. 

But I also know that the next foster dog will have something unique and beautiful about him or her, and the one after that too and the one after that, until we meet another one that for whatever reason ends up staying with us. 

Collette has a wonderful and loving home to go to, and our job is to take the ones who are not so easy and give them a chance. As relaxing as it is to take a little break, we know our mission won't be accomplished until we've rescued more. 


  1. Great post! Glad you were able to relax a bit on this trip too!

  2. What a lovely day you all had!!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful day. The pictures of Collette and Genghis are adorable.

  4. Hi Kirsten, thanks for a really nice post. I'm glad everyone had a great time. Yay to you for rescuing the "tough" ones to give them another chance.

  5. I am glad you at least got to experience a relaxing break, even if it was short-lived. I don't really know what it would be like to be out with my dog and no be worrying about something. But that's okay. If I had an easier dog, I am sure I'd be awfully bored, right? ;-)

  6. Sweet post! Collette is so pretty and Genghis is really a handsome fella! That is great they got along so well and had fun playing together! It is nice you took a break and allowed yourself a day of relaxation. It looks like an awesome beach! And how nice to not have it crowded. Hope the pups who stayed home did not miss you too much!

    Great photos!

    K and Suka

    P.S. Congratulations to Florian on his Masters! That is a great accomplishment!

  7. What a beautiful day. I'm impressed with little Collette. Only a pup and she can swim! But then, she's part lab. Looks like she and Genghis would have made great sibs.

  8. Oh my goodness we love bitey face
    Benny & Lily

  9. Dogs are great and loyal companions, they never fail to make their presence felt. And to give back, it’s a good idea to have them join you on family trips. In this way, they will feel loved and appreciated. Let them have a taste of the beach!

    -Donna Parsley

  10. I really want to go swimming now....

    looks like a ton of fun when you guys go!

  11. SIgh I miss beaches

    Stop on by for a visit


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