Monday, February 6, 2012

Product Reviews and the Revolution

I was having a bit of a bummer of a day last week--occasioned by Sandy being not so nice to a dog in the park we'd been walking to--so when I came home from work I was in sore need of a little pick-me-up. Imagine my joy to find a big box on my porch from Mr. Chewy's, a mere two days after I had ordered it.

Full disclosure: Mr. Chewy's asked me to write a product review in exchange for a very nice coupon for free stuff--which, combined with Mr. Chewy's free shipping on all orders over $49, made for an offer this house of hungry canine consumers couldn't refuse. 

Now this blog is generally not the place for product reviews. But before you go calling this kinda-vegan, activist-groovy, anti-corporate, Buddhist-New Agey blogger a SELLOUT to the throwaway culture of rampant consumerism that  threatens to swallow all of us and our families and our dogs and the things we truly value like sunny walks in the park and delicious meals among friends whole, let me tell you this: Mr Chewy's donates $10 from every order from a friend you refer to a charity of your choice! 

Take THAT, corporate America!                                                                             

As others have noted, Mr. Chewy's has an incredible selection of dog and cat food, treats, and flea and tick products at prices that are affordable to the scruffiest of activists. 

We decided to get maximum bang for our buck by ordering three cases of delicious medium-grade canned food and some tasty treats for all of our leash walk training and bedtime desensitization exercises. 

The Sweet Potato and Fish formula treats are ones we had not yet tried, and have a delightful texture and crunch that is unique among baked dog snacks.  

There really are a lot of reasons to try Mr. Chewy's. In addition to the convincing ones at right:
  • Items are packaged with brown paper, not nonrecyclable, ozone-destroying styrofoam pebbles
  • The time you would have spent driving your biodiesel vehicle or riding your bike trailer to the pet store can be spent planting a community garden or doing a teach-in at your local university
  • Large box used for shipping can be dismantled and made into cardboard signs to bring to your next protest

Now how can you pass that up?


  1. We love the Natural Balance treats too!

  2. Hi Kirsten, we received the same kind offer from Mr. Chewy. And while we have not taken them up on their offer, we think that they'd be a great organization to deal with.

  3. That was one thing I really dug about dealing with Mr. Chewy....the fast shipping!

  4. We luvs some Mr. Chewey!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. We have never ordered dog food/supplies for delivery but have considered it. This is the second Mr. Chewy's positive review that we have read about.
    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  6. Great review! Everybody seems to love Mr. Chewy! We just can't get it here in Canada. :(

  7. I have their offer tucked away in my email and need to take them up on it. However, I did find my basic dog kibble here in Cape for a lower price, though I had to drive so the price and gas may have been even - HA. All reviews I've seen are very nice to know.

    1. This is an awesome review and written perfectly for you! Hope everyone enjoys the yummies!

  8. We loved our Mr. Chewy experience, too! We recycled our boxes from them into several hours' worth of puppy destruction entertainment! Three hours of blissful peace while he ripped the box to shreds. Just another reason to love Mr. Chewy! lol

  9. My dog is just absolutely love Natural Balance always start jumping whenever he sees it


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