Friday, February 3, 2012

Sandy and Sam go wild

The other day we went by our friend Eric's house to see if Sandy would hit it off with his dog Sam as well as Fozzie did

Eric has an amazing house with a yard backing on woods with a bamboo forest and vast garden space. He is outside with Sam all the time but loves it when we come over because he knows that whatever he does with Sam, he can't play with him the way another dog can. 

Sam looks like a Ridgeback, pit, lab or some sort of Brown Dog mix, but Eric swears he's part greyhound just from how fast he can run. I never thought I'd see a dog who could so easily outrun Sandy but it sure was fun to watch. 

They were so perfectly matched in every way--both ready to run when the other was, ready to wrestle, seemed to really like each other. 

Sandy deferred nicely to Sam when he was eating a snack, and they both gave very appropriate signals and respected each other's boundaries. This surprised me and made me happy, as Sandy does not seem to be very respectful of Fozzie's boundaries. Maybe she knows she can take advantage of him, as he'll usually tolerate her brattiness like an indulgent uncle? 

Or maybe it's just that she loves making a frog, and will take any excuse to do it? I know lots of pit bulls love to make frogs--and of course, our friends at Pit Bull Frogs have a delightful calendar, with pictures of Fozzie, Sandy, and tons of other amazing pit bull frogs to prove it--but I think Sandy has got to be one of the froggiest dogs out there. 

Do your pitties seem to absolutely love to make themselves into frogs? Are there other dogs besides pitties (and Akitas--my sister's dog Genghis seems to love it too) that do a froggie pose so readily?


  1. Well they look like they had a hoot! I love that last picture!

  2. Motley my pit always does the frog pose...i dont know if they all do it but ive seen dachshunds do it alot too

  3. Looks like they had a lot of fun!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  4. I don't have pitbulls but one of my Beagle/Basset mixes, Clementine, is spending time in prison - yes, she is in a dog training program at a nearby maximum security prison. Her handlers have her doing "down" but she looks like Sandy - and I saw her "down" into a frog position this past Wednesday. it is hilarious! Thanks for sharing your pics and day.

  5. Those are some happy pups! (Dakotah, my Mal mix, was a frog dog!)

  6. Hi Kirsten, my brother Owen and I are mostly American Cocker Spaniels and we do froggies all the time.

  7. Hi, nice blog you have and the yard you have to run in is amazing! We are a group of 5 cavalier king charles spanials and a brittany spaniel and we all lay like frogs:)

  8. Bella does the frog pose too... maybe she thinks she's a Pittie at heart. :)


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