Friday, January 13, 2012

Harper's Ferry and Another Harrowing Hike

Rounding out this past glorious weekend was a Sunday hike to the trails surrounding Harper's Ferry, WV.

This area has always been one of our favorites, but we hadn't been there in a while. I have many warm memories of walking with my parents, or with Florian and his son Quentin, in the picturesque town by the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers.

Or of walking across one of the rivers--I think it must have been the Shenandoah --in the summer with Tashi, Lamar, and one of our foster dogs, and washing them because one of them--probably Tashi--had rolled in something horrifying. 

This time, we wanted to climb the trail that ascends the rocky cliff across the rivers from the town. 

We had all three dogs so knew our hike would be a lot more pleasant if we found a trail that wasn't covered with other hikers and their dogs. 

After walking along the river and the railroad tracks for a bit, we went back up to the road and found a steep trail that went directly up the side of the cliffs. 

When we got to the top, there were some incredible flat rocks that offered a view of the town right below and the rivers stretching off to the horizon. Florian has a healthy fear of heights, so didn't stay there too long. 

The dogs don't seem to have that much good sense. They prefer, when presented with a steep rocky precipice, to go to the edge of it and look over. 

On our way back to the car, we took the main trail down the mountain and so I had to detour off into the woods several times to avoid having our lunging madman go head-to-head with another dog. 

Another absolutely otherworldly hike accessed about an hour from our humble happy hippie home. And we even got some peace on the return trip home.


  1. It looks like you had an amazing trip with your family! The view is absolutely stunning! I've never been to W. Virginia, but now, I feel like I should go sometime! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us :)

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  2. So, so beautiful! You have such great hiking locations - I am totally jealous!

  3. Such beautiful places you have been hiking in lately! I'm jealous!

  4. You have a beautiful spot for hiking! I admit to being a bit envious. We love going out with the dogs, but I'm itching for new places to go!

  5. Hi Kirsten, very nice. I don't think that my mom and dad would take us on a hike like that because they'd be worried that we'd go running off the edge. We're not suicidal just a little too energetic for own good.


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