Friday, January 20, 2012

Grooming avec Florian

Ever since I met him, I've been thinking I should find some way to use my boyfriend's fabulous name to my financial advantage. 

I think this grooming thing may be just the ticket. Just imagine the business cards:
Dog Care by Florian

Clients would be beating down the door.

Florian has been saying for years that he wants to get into "dog business" too, and as the body gets a little old for airborne leaps and lifting of all sorts of ballerinas, connecting with dogs for a living gets more and more appealing.

The other night I got a chance to try out my prospective business partner. It was time to groom Mars and Zoe again, the sweet golden doodles I've seen many times before. They came a bit late, and I always forget how long it takes me to groom doodles, so it was getting on into the evening and I was feeling ready to throw in the towel and I hadn't even started on Mars yet.

It was hard to believe the enthusiasm with which Florian took to washing and blow drying first Zoe and then Mars.

While I brushed out Mars, I could hear in the bathroom sounds of water gently flowing, sounds of cooing, of whispering. Sounds of...tongue kissing?

Zuzi, not with the client dogs!

That's so unprofessional.

Zoe and Mars did seem strangely relaxed and refreshed after their grooming, and their people seemed happy with the job. I guess no one needs to know about the...special treatment...dogs receive when they sign up for grooming chez Florian, zee amaazing Swiss groomer.


  1. Laughing my head off over this post. I think you've both found your niche.

  2. This is hilarious - I think you've found your new part-time employee!

  3. I am laughing so hard right now! It seems like you both make a great team and a special touch with the very pampered clients:))))

  4. ROFL!!!! Oh Dog! That may be the groomer for me!

  5. If I had a long haired dog I'd be very happy to bring him to you for some of your extra special Florian Treatment:)

  6. Chez Florian..sounds pretty cool!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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