Monday, March 5, 2012

I have a few questions for you about that dog

For the 5 months I had Sandy, there were certain things about her I just didn't get. Maybe her new dad--or some of you who have more experience than I do with these little teeny tiny pocket pit bull packets--can help. 

Here are my questions:

  1. Why does she snort when she kisses? Fozzie kisses in big, smooth, slurpy shlaps, no snorting gurgly noises whatsoever. When Sandy kisses, there are snorting wheezing snoring gurgling grunting wheezits. Why?
  2. Why is she so tiny? You can enclose her head in one hand and easily pull her whole body onto your lap. Why?
  3. Why was she so hyper? She's about a year old, no longer a tiny puppy, and yet she could keep going and going like a little motor zooming around. She loves interaction. Every night I would thank goodness for her Kibble Nibble and her Kong Wobbler, but they could only keep her occupied for so long before she absolutely needed attention and interaction with a living being. Why? Is that normal?
  4. Why didn't she get into trouble with Lamar? One young, energetic, scrappy dog, and one old, grumpy, reactive dog, and on the leash together they were like two peas in a pod. In the house she would just leave him alone. Why?
I just don't get it. 


  1. 1. The snorting is a happy noise- my mom refers to Koira as her little piglet.

    2. Because in the original breed standard, which was written based on a physical appearance that would be effective in the dog fighting ring, a maximum weight for females was 45 lbs. Koira weighs in at 42 most of the time, and people regularly tell me she is tiny. No, she is breed standard. All those other huge creatures referred to as pit bulls and pit bull types have either been bred away from the standard for a long time to emphasize the size rather than functionality (the larger size is hugely detrimental towards agility in tight spaces), or are not actually pit bulls at all, but American Bull Dogs, mastiff, or similar mixes of those larger breeds.

    3. No idea why she is hyper. Koira LOVES sleeping in in the morning, and has always been a very calm dog in the house.

    4. Many dogs are very sensitive to those who are either young or old and weak. Koira is very respectful of weaker dogs due to age (where as Pallo will just try to make them play with him).

    1. I love this reply! Thanks for all the great answers to burning questions!


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