Sunday, April 25, 2021

Back to Fostering!

While it is true that four large, strong, active dogs is a lot for one person to manage, it is also true that living one's passion is the key to a good life.

Good news for Presley!

I just picked him up this afternoon. Got him home and had to really think about what to do next. How do you introduce a new dog to three reactive pit bulls who are likely to be all kinds of inappropriate at first greeting? 

I decided to put him in the basement, then take one dog at a time out, tether that dog to the base of the stairs, then bring out Presley and walk him slowly to the tethered dog. 

First Dahlia, because she was the most grumpy with my last foster, Grant. Dahlia seemed to like him right off the bat!

Then Fozzie--no problem, as usual. Then Princess Sky. I wasn't worried as she was easy with Grant. 

But she was tense with Presley! What to do? 

Princess might be testy but she is testy in a good way--she warns loudly, but is clear that she wants to avoid real conflict. So I felt pretty good just leashing up the two of them and bringing them for a walk!

And by the end of it, even Princess was feeling pretty accepting of our man. Now they are happily lounging around, play bowing, humping, and even relaxing together.

There's no question that having a new foster dog is exciting and a bit stressful, and life would be easier if I didn't do it.

But I've been thinking lately about what makes life meaningful, and redeemable. 

What makes me feel that if I died today, I would die having done what I was put on this planet to do? For me, it is rescuing animals. The stress is a small price to pay for feeling like I am living my life's purpose, especially when I also get the chance to smooch with a loving, fluffy, deserving package of joy who needed a place to crash and some warmth and love.

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