Monday, October 10, 2016

Wellness Poultry Lovers Variety Pack from

This month, our friends at offered an entire case of canned Wellness Poultry Lovers Variety Pack
Who could turn that down? 

You may remember that I am blessed with at least one dog who is a picky eater and turns up his substantial nose at many foods. 

Usually, I'll set down his food and he'll eye it warily, pace around a bit, sniff it, wander away, and then only eat it when Dahlia comes close and says Hey, are you gonna eat that?

But he seemed to love this food! I set it down and he dug right in.
Seems like a good product too, with wholesome ingredients like meaty snacks, grains, sweet potatoes, and vitamin supplements.

I always get a little uneasy when I do a dog food product review and talk about the ingredients, because I can say wholesome and hearty all I want--the meaty parts were once living breathing animals I would have loved to know. 

Not eating meat myself has never been difficult, and I haven't missed it all these 27 years. But I think my pups would miss it. So I get all our kibble from the Petsmart dumpster so we're not supporting those industries (it ends up in there when the packaging is slightly damaged but the contents are perfect), and mix it up with canned food from Chewy, or sometimes scrambled free-range eggs and cheese, or sometimes tuna or veggies or whatever I'm eating. 

Its a funny place we're in, as animal lovers who especially love our dogs! But we do the best we can. 

Dahlia sure felt good about the canned food, and I can only assume she said a prayer for the chickens silently to herself. 

But then, Dahlia feels good about most things. Tomorrow maybe we'll share some broccoli and oatmeal. 

Thanks again Chewy for the high-quality deliciousness--and for offering a large selection of vegetarian options, which we'll be checking out!


  1. I saw this post and thought, oh, another product review (less relevant to me as I'm not American and, oh yeah, don't have a dog, haha) but your ponderings on the meat/pet food industry made me think. I never knew that's where you got all your dog food from - if you have an entire regular supply from that, how terrible to think there is always at least that much (I'm guessing more besides) thrown out! It looks like you're doing your bit for the environment too in that sense.

    I still don't know what I'll feed a dog when I get one, diet-wise. (But it will definitely involve meat.) Thanks for giving me a few more things to think about.

  2. Hi Kirsten, looks good. All our kids are on raw - sorry that means meat and vegetables.

  3. Ahhh, I've heard so many things about!
    Thanks for this post, very informative.

  4. Thank you for a very nice post. The review gave us so much important information. Thanks for sharing!!!!!


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