Sunday, January 10, 2016

Balmy Winter whirlwind

It's been a whirlwind few weeks here. Florian's childhood friend Thomás came from Switzerland before Christmas, and stayed for two weeks. 

Tom loves the dogs and they loved him so much it made them nice and tired. 

Like many of the Swiss I know, Tom is a whirlwind of energy and made the humans tired too.

On Christmas Eve we went ice skating. 

Then we had everyone over for fondue in the evening. Marshal spent some of the time outside on the porch, nervously looking in at all the action, but he spent plenty of time making a giant fur ball with Dahlia, Fozzie, and his friend Sky Princess. 

Marshal sure is more confident when he has other dogs around.

Christmas Day we left most of the pups at home to give my aunt's nervous dog Charlie a break and so the humans could eat and drink irresponsibly. 

Their reward came right after Christmas, when Florian, his son Quentin, Tom and the dogs and I went on a Swiss expedition to Rehoboth to enjoy some spooky empty winter beach fun.

Love Rehoboth in the winter, when there's no one on the beach and the dogs are welcome everywhere.

It was about 70 degrees the second day 

so perfect weather for long walks and some exploration.

Cape Henlopen State Park was also pretty empty and stunning.

I'm betting this was Marshal's first time on the beach and he seemed to love it. 

He was confused and delighted by the surf crashing on his paws and happy just to be with his people and dogs.

And of course, Fozzie and Dahlia, who have already wet their paws many times in the surf of Rehoboth, were in heaven.

We rented a little cottage to stay in, and I was a bit concerned at first about having all these little monsters there especially Marshal with his monstrous play noises. Fortunately, with all that walking on the beach there was not much play in the cottage and everyone behaved very well.

What a sweet little getaway! Sometimes I love those dogs so much it just about kills me. 


  1. What a beautiful day. You pups are lucky getting all that attention
    Lily & Edward

  2. I would love to bring Cocoa to a beach!! This looks like a wonderful time and I love that last picture of you with all the sweet pups!!

  3. That first beach did look cold! The State Park looks lovely though. Aw, lucky Marshal! Again, he's so lucky to have you.
    It's making me want to take "my" dogs to the beach too - okay, Gatsby's been, but I don't think Penne has! It's fun being the one to introduce them to things.


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