Monday, February 9, 2015

Dogs on Ice

I have to say, around this time of the winter I start longing for spring flowers, warm breezes, and swimming holes. But the frigid temperatures are no excuse to stay inside, and this season has its joy and beauty if only you seek it out. 

One of those joys is bringing the dogs for a hike along an icy stream, like the Difficult Run trail near Great Falls, 

throwing a stick onto the ice-covered waterway to get both dogs out there,

and watching the fun as they stop short, thinking that stick is right THERE, within their grasp,

and then proceed to slide all over the place,

paws going every which way.

Is it wrong that I find that so enjoyable?


  1. Yikes don't fall in whatever you do
    Lily & Edward

  2. since we live in an urban area our back yard is concrete for our car and its an ice rink now so we see that slipping and sliding

    retro rover

  3. What crazy fun!! I won't mention that I went to the beach yesterday and went swimming...


  4. Crikey ... My Mum would find that extremely amusing. Me? ... Not so much! How cold are their feet? I don't think I'd survive. I won't mention that I'm off to the beach for a swim today. It's forecast to be 29C again. So boring!

  5. My feet are freezing reading this! But did you get the stick?

  6. Well, not something we would do. Too paranoid about leg issues here. Mr. Bill has had three operations, Trails's back legs are a bit weird and Callie has cruciate problems. We avoid ice!

  7. I would be too nervous! One that the ice would break and one of them would fall in and two the slipping factor. The roads were so icy last week that Sampson actually fell. I worry too much about another injury.

  8. It's warm outside - about 50 degrees with rain on the way. So no ice up this way.

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