Monday, October 27, 2014

Solid Gold Turkey Jerky Dog Treats from

 The tasty treats from keep comin', and my dogs certainly don't object to playing the role of product testers. 

Solid Gold Turkey Jerky Dog Treats

This month, we had the pleasure of sampling Solid Gold Turkey Jerky Dog Treats. Like everything we've gotten from, these treats have pretty normal-sounding ingredients like turkey, oats, and cinnamon. 

Top-notch ingredients are all well and good but they don't really tell you how these things taste, now do they?

Product testers, your services are needed. 

To really put products to the test, I like to see if my dogs will work for them. So we brought out the old Pilates ball and sure enough, Fozzie got one whiff of those turkey jerky treats and positively launched those front paws up.

I then tried getting out some of those fancy organic raw treats I've been using on walks lately, which Fozzie likes, but compared to the Solid Gold Treats there wasn't nearly the same enthusiasm.

I love training multiple dogs at once, which is such a fun exercise when you have good enough treats to hold everyone's attention. Dahlia was able to keep her cool and hold a sit while waiting for her treats and watching Fozzie do some more Pilates. 

Dahlia herself wasn't quite ready for the Pilates ball, enthused as she was for the treats. 

No worries squirt, you get one of the really good treats anyway. And yes Fozzie, you can have another one too!

Thanks for the awesome treats! These are some winners for sure. 


  1. We thought you took a selfie, BOL. Yummy. That jerky looks good
    Lily & Edward

  2. Dalia, if our mom can do pilates with NO treats, you ought to be able to get a paw up on that ball, girl!!


  3. That's really cool Kirsten but will Florian eat one?

  4. Woo, look at that performance! Those treats really must be worth it.

  5. Mmmmm looks tasty. Think we would like them too.
    Ernie and the furkids

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