Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Watching Lars' Progress

As you read in my last post, I've found it so gratifying to watch Lars' progress over the time I've had him--both 3 years ago and over the past two months. 

Just over the past week or so, I've observed some things that have made me so happy.

My friend Stuart came and stayed with us over the weekend, and Lars took an immediate liking to him. 

Granted, Stuart is probably the most nonthreatening, mellow, agreeable, gentle person you could imagine, but still. 

I was a little worried when Stuart first walked in the door, and I instructed him on approaching slowly, standing up straight, holding his hands passively and letting Lars approach. 

Lars paced around, following us as I gave Stuart a tour of the house. He wanted to be close, and gave Stuart a thorough sniff. Maybe still a little hesitant for the first 10 minutes, but staying close, curious while Stuart got to meet everyone else.

Then I gave Stuart a few pieces of cheese to toss Lars' way, and that was it. Lars was thoroughly sold. 

From that moment--about 15 minutes after Stuart walked in the door--Lars was cuddling up to him like a long lost friend. 

It was so great to have a house guest who's so easy, so nice to talk to, and so great with the dogs. Florian and Stuart talked for hours that first night, 

and the dogs loved being right in the middle of it. I think dogs love feeling a part of an extended family, and listening to relaxed human conversations. 

And to be in a comfy crate right in the middle of it must feel so relaxing, so safe. 

Stuart is an old friend I met when I was in grad school in New York. Soon after I came back there, I went to see another old friend's Zimbabwean music band, and Stuart was the other mbira player. He lived on the Upper West Side as well at the time, and we began playing together regularly. 

It was great to play with him again, and to have the dogs get to hear that music. 

Lars really seemed to relax listening to the mbira, and to bond with Stuart.

Which again, is easy to understand if you know Stuart, and no stretch at all for a dog like Fozzie.

 Or Lamar.

But when I think about Lars' origins, I think its still pretty impressive that he became such a snuggly goofball with a new person.

So proud of all my puppies, and happy to spend time with an old friend.


  1. He will do fine with all that love around him
    Lily & Edward

  2. I am loving that top photo

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Hi Kirsten, funny how everything seems to fit together when it's meant to be that way.

  4. Stuart looks like a very popular man.

  5. Very nice, very nice. Maybe Stuart is looking for a four-legged friend? ;-)


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