Monday, June 24, 2013

Lady's Weight Loss Success and Healthy Paws

Recently I had the chance to bring Lady to the shelter to see how she is with cats, and to use their scale to see if all our efforts toward weight loss have had any effect.

I've been feeding her diet food provided by the shelter, in the quantities recommended for weight loss, and as you know we have been going on good walkies for exercise. When you see a dog every day though, it's hard to notice changes in weight and I didn't think we had been making much progress. 

When I first got Lady, her weight was 76 pounds--quite the sum for a medium-sized pooch! When we brought her in the other day, she was down to 68! Surpassing her goal of 6-8 pounds! I was so proud of her. 

If you look at pictures from when I first got her and compare them to the present, I guess you really can see a difference.

Lady in Mid-April
Lady last week
A little more tucked around the belly, a little less flabby in the shoulders.

Yay, Lady! I know, it stinks to be on a diet. But you'll thank me for this someday, trust me. 

Meanwhile, Fozzie's been working on his own diet plan. 

If something says "LITE," you can eat as much of it as you want!

Don't worry Fozzie, I don't think you're that fat. You can take a load off and relax. 

While we're on the subject of doggie health, why not go on over and check out  my feature on Healthy Paws, where I write about all our favorite pup-centric activities! You'll get to see a bunch of other fantastic dog bloggers talk about their favorite things to do with their dogs too.


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  2. Excellent job Lady! You can really see a difference in her!

  3. Yay for Lady! You look much happier now!

  4. Well done! Both Lady and Fozzie seem to enjoy the diet food :). Lady looks so HAPPY.

  5. Less weight is better for you. Lugging all that extra stuff around or being sedate is not good. Kirsten is looking after you.

  6. You look great Lady - that diet is really working:-) Bet you feel much happier now. Have a great day - woofs and licks from Magic xx

  7. Congrats on Lady's weight loss, good job. She looks like she has a frame similar to Sampson, wide in the chest area and narrow in the waist.

    Great article over at Healthy Paws too, I think for exercise you need to find something both you and your dogs enjoy, that makes it so much easier.

  8. Congratulations! Not an easy job, speaking from experience. Lady looks fantastic!! Keep up the good work!

  9. We had a foster who had to lose weight, too, and I know it's not easy! It's also really rewarding to see them make improvements! Way to go!

  10. Good job Lady, losing weight sucks but it feels much better!


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