Monday, March 11, 2013

All Dogs Aboard the Honda Fit

Well its been a while since I've been able to do a hike post, with all the vehicle-related upheaval, but we finally got a weekend where we could see if the new mini-mini-van was up to the task of transporting the two of us and the three dogs to a nice place to walk around. 

I find it really kind of exciting that all of us fit in there so comfortably. As I had hoped, in some ways its even better than the van, because the pitties each have a window of their own and Lamar has his own spacious compartment, away from them.   

We wanted to take Star to an adoption event in White Oak in the afternoon, so in the morning we went north on New Hampshire Ave, close to where the event was, and looked around for a place to hike. After slogging around and getting very muddy in an area with no good, clear trail, and looking everywhere for a really nice trail, 

we finally happened upon an enchanted forest near Triadelphia Reservoir. 

There was something magical about the trail meandering through the close-growing pine trees, vines and lichen hanging from their branches, a layer of fog hovering close to the ground. 

Reminded us of our trip to the Zimbabwean Music Festival in Oregon a couple of summers ago.  

With the pups nice and tired, we drove back and had a nice mellow adoption event in a small pet store. For some reason Florian and I can have a great time wasting hours on end just looking at pet products. 

On the drive back, Fozzie got to enjoy some front seat time, more safely than he used to when Florian was driving. 

The next day, we took advantage of a nice sunny day to go a bit farther afield to a nice little hike on the Potomac. There were none of the dreaded mishaps with the automatic windows, and yes as some of you mentioned the window lock sure is a nifty feature. 

Who knew? 

Just a calm little trail along the Potomac at Point of Rocks at the VA/MD border. 
The weather was bright and sunny and though it wasn't warm, it felt so amazing to be out in the sun on a trail again with the pups.

Being outside, away from town, especially in the sunshine, just feels very therapeutic in the winter. 

Our winter here has been nothing compared to what some have had I know, but I still feel the short days and the grayness after a while.  

It even makes me happy to look at pictures of the sunshine. Which is why I have to write posts like this, 

that are maybe not the most gripping you've ever read but have lots of sunny pictures. 

This trail included a metal walkway for getting your small boat down to the water with ease, and Florian was daydreaming about bringing the kayaks. We'll have to get a roof rack!

The dogs were so happy to be out on the trail again too, and able to enjoy some paw wetness. 

And though I wasn't about to venture in with them, just watching them feel so good brought me loads of vicarious joy. 

How are YOU getting through the winter?


  1. I'm dreading the one coming our way. So far, it's been rain rain rain everywhere and big floods and we're just into the first week of autumn.

    Everyone looks very comfy in the new pup mobile.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time hiking.

  3. We're ready for spring, I'm tired of snow. Although the dogs are enjoying it.

  4. Yeah spring sure needs to spring already, but looks like a fun outing indeed at your feed.

  5. We went hiking yesterday too! But just the humans. My hubby said my hounds couldn't do a 4 mile hike. When we got home I leashed them up and took them on a walk and after only 1.1 miles they were pooped. So I guess he was right!

    Nice photos of your doggie hike though. I'm sad for my guys.

  6. Looks like the new vehicle is working out real well. We've had a mild winter, but I agree with you...I'm ready for a little more sun than we've had lately.

  7. I love living in a state where everything doesn't shut down every time it snows. But I sure miss the sunny winter days i remember from Maryland. We have very few.

    Looks like everyone in the family is happy with the new car. You'll get plenty of chances to break it in soon. Spring is coming!

  8. Hello I'm Milo, you have some very beautiful pups!!! I love hiking, looks like everyone fits nicely in the car!
    Love Milo :)

  9. We wish moms CRV would bring us there.
    Benny & Lily

  10. Hi Kirsten, as you know we're just up the street from Seattle and it's still a bit cool. Today it's about mid-40's and tomorrow it'll warm up a little but it'll start raining tonight and continue on past Thursday. Better bring your rubber boots and umbrella.

  11. My dogs would love to join an adventure like that! Now the weather is starting to cool down we can start going hiking properly again :)

  12. Glad to read the dogs all fit in the Honda Fit! We're still debating a vehicle and of course, need something big! Nice hiking pictures, thanks for sharing.


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