Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Abandoned to Gainfully Employed: Star's new gig

Anyone who has ever been unemployed knows that having a job is key to self esteem. 

Even shelter dogs suffer from having no serious work to do, which is why staff in more progressive shelters are always finding ways to engage and employ their residents.

Star's been really lucky in that regard.

Not long after she joined us, a job opened up that immediately piqued her interest. 

She already knew she had an aptitude for playing with large, goofy dogs with similar (read: annoying) play styles.

Her early play sessions with Genghis were so vigorous in fact that they were probably what caused her hernia-like swelling and landed Genghis in the vet's office as well with a hematoma on his ear.

In which vet visit we learned that, in fact, Genghis could stand to lose a few pounds. 

Which led to the offer, and Star's immediate acceptance, of a job as Genghis' personal trainer.

Star takes her job very seriously. She's been going over several nights a week and wrestling, chewing, rolling around, and generally working out with her larger cousin. 

This is a great setup all around.  Genghis gets exercise, a huge help because for humans who do have jobs, it can be hard to find enough time to provide adequate exercise to the pooch. 

My sister and I get hours of entertainment, as we sit with a glass of wine, watch Genghis enclose Star's entire head in his mouth, Star chew heartily on Genghis' neck, and Genghis drag Star across the floor as they both hold on to a chew toy as if their lives depended on it. 

And Star gets the satisfaction of a job well done.
What do YOUR dogs do for a living?


  1. They look like they are having soooo much fun!

  2. Good job Star! Annie's job is to boss the other dogs around & make sure that no one is having any fun. Pauley's job is to see what person he can sit on the longest. I miss having two dogs that LOVE to play like Star & Genghis.

  3. Barbie's job is to make sure I don't skip my 45 minute walk around the neighbourhood every night. Bender's is to protect the house and yard from all invaders (including strange kitties). Frou's job is rodent-population-control and Mittens is the house clown and box inspector.

  4. Great job, Star! It's always discs to have one you're passionate about. Georgia's job? To entertain us and/or keep us in line, depending on the day.

  5. Hi Kirsten, a great post - Star might be too energetic for us though. I think that Owen would get upset and Jetta (my annoying Sheltie brother, would start a high pitched bark). Hmmm, what do we do for a living? We are dogs, we are cute and love our mom and dad, our daytime caregivers and walkers, and all the other people we come into contact with. so I guess our job is to be "good dogs". Woof, we like you Kirsten :)

  6. That is great that Star and Genghis get along so well. I have to ask, would Genghis and family consider Star as an addition? Wouldn't that be great?!

    It is a lot of fun watching the interactions of dogs while they play. We're lucky in that we see it all the time. Sometimes it looks really rough but you quickly get to know what it really is.

  7. Cute post:) Kaya went ballistic for giant dogs when she was younger, especially Mastiffs! If Kaya & Norman had occupations it would have to be a combo of hiker and cuddler.

  8. Howdy Mates, sounds like us playing hehe. My head fits inside Rory's mouth and I like to chew on his neck too! Our job is to keep mum and dad busy so they don't get bored. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  9. My dogs are entertainers. They make me laugh on a daily basis. :-)


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