Monday, October 8, 2012

Bull Run Park and embracing the consumer culture

Saturday evening was Florian's night to go teach his private ballet lesson in Virginia, and we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous fall weather with a nice little hike. 

The best thing about fall and winter is that you can go on a hike with the pups, then let them mellow out in the hippie/soccer mom van while you go shopping. And because humans are an adaptable species and we have learned to take pleasure in many things that disgust us on some level, but are ubiquitous, one of our favorite things to do is to go for a hike then go check out discount consumer items at one of those big stores in those malls that are all exactly the same throughout the DC metro area, or really pretty much everywhere you go.

First, we went off to find a nice little hike in Bull Run Park. 

Fozzie is still a bit of a lunatic in the car, and if I don't have the front window open so he can stick his head out, he'll climb on my lap and scratch at it.

We found a really nice, flat trail along a stream--which must be Bull Run--that went on and on. There was absolutely no one out and about, so Lamar got to go off leash. 

Though I love the challenging trails we sometimes go on, pretty much all of us were ready for an easy, mellow walk. 

Florian's been choreographing and rehearsing like crazy, I haven't been sleeping a lot due to a situation at work that makes me feel a constant level of low-grade panic, and Lamar is starting to show his 13 years in his hips and his energy level.  

Fozzie is never low on energy but he doesn't mind a mellow leash walk either, as long as he gets to have lots of sniffies.
I loved the steps going through the water, allowing dogs and humans to cross in the manner most comfortable for them. 

Fozzie went right across on the steps, 

but Lamar felt more at ease putting those skinny legs in the water and wading across. 

My poor little man, maybe that felt good on his arthritis. 


This walk was paved in some parts, wooded and spooky in other parts, and it even went past an old archeological site which I thought looked pretty neat. 

A gorgeous way to enjoy the still-warm temperatures and take in the stunning colors of a beautiful spot. 

The dogs got nice and tired, settled in the van, and then we went to Ross Dress for Less and bought 3 years' worth of really good-smelling discount health and beauty products. 

What's YOUR favorite guilty consumer pleasure?


  1. Oh I am with you on that! Hope you got some good stuff! Looks like a beautiful place too!

  2. Hi Kirsten, sounds like everyone had a great outing. Guilty consumer pleasure...hmmm, for me it's bison jerky. For my dad it's Patagonia jackets (he has more than 23) and good wine. My mom..I'm not sure. A bit of this and that.

    1. Sam, I can totally relate to your dad! Can't get enough of comfy winter outerwear.

  3. That sounds like a great day, except for the shopping. I hate shopping. :-)

    I'd prefer to curl up with the pups and a good book or movie.

  4. Looks awesome! Hiking is my favorite thing to do with my pups:) A long time ago I dragged my brother into Ross and though I think it's a great bargain shopping place...he made me leave because he felt too "cheap" :/

  5. I love shopping at op shops, flea markets and hippy markets. I'm not allowed to buy anything anymore though. I'm not even allowed to buy 10 jars of on sale coffee at a time. Life sucks these days, consumerism wise.

  6. My favorite guilty consumer pleasure? Well, I don't know how guilty I am about it, but I get perfume pretty exclusively from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

  7. What a gorgeous place for a hike. And how nice no one was around so the dogs were able to be more free. Suka is feeling the arthritis too in his hind legs. Sad. Hope Lamar feels better!

    Sorry you are stressing about your job. Hope it gets better. Your trip for discount health and beauty products sounds fun. :->

    K and Suka

  8. That place just looks beautiful! What a great place to go for a hike. Guilty consumer would have to be lipstick. I'm obsessed and feel naked without it. :)

    1. Good God....OK then maybe I'll admit that among my purchases was 9 lip balms....

  9. sure looks like a beautiful and peaceful hike
    Benny & Lily

  10. wow, that looks such a beautiful, beautiful place for a walk, I know Renae and Susie-Belle would love to share that one with you :)


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