Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collette goes home

Well after just a few short weeks with us, Collette has gone on to her forever home!

I expected she'd go fast--she's a 6-month-old lab, for God's sake--but what I didn't know was that she'd find such an awesome adopter.

Rose works from home and wants a cuddly companion to be near her all day. She is looking forward to taking Collette for daily runs and photography sessions along the beach, and play sessions with her mom's super friendly dogs. 

She's already bought out the pet store with all sorts of toys and treats and a perfect little purple harness, and signed up for positive training classes so Collette can hit the ground running in her new home. 

How does THAT sound, my tiny friend?

The Washington Humane Society made it easy for Collette to go home with her new mom, which is the right approach for an open intake shelter--although its a bit of a shock that just a few days after I first heard from Rose, Collette is already gone!

We hardly had a chance to get attached to her, though we did have time to love her up, 


get her wet, 


take her hiking, 

give her some really high-quality food, 

and expose her to some good music.

Have fun Collette! You'll have to write and tell us about all your amazing adventures.


  1. Congratulations, Collette. What a wonderful new adventure along with lovely memories.

  2. Yay! I hope you have a long wonderful life in your loving forever home Collette!

  3. Congratulations on your new home, Collette!

    I bet it feels kind of nice to have a short-term foster and a happy ending so quickly. I know you've had some long termers! :)

  4. Hi Kirsten, that's really good news. It sounds as though Collette is off to a really good home. Bye sweetie.

  5. COngrats Collette!

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. What a sweet post! I just love happy endings! Congratulations Collette and Rose! You two look so happy with each other. All the photos are just lovely and so heartwarming. Collete is really a beautiful pup and I wish her and Rose a wonderful and happy long life together.

    Suka and K

  7. Aw, congrats on the adoption! It's always wonderful to see them go on to great lives :-)

  8. Well done! As with all your fosters finding homes, I feel very happy and also a little sad that they'll be gone from your blog and our lives. She was a cutie. Have a great life, Collette! MWAH! x

  9. aw, congrats! i wish all my fosters found such an amazing home!!

  10. That's so wonderful Kirsten!! I feel like I didn't know Collette the way I knew Sandy so I'm not crying this time. :-)

  11. And here's the best reason to get behind in blog reading: So that after a weekend of being exposed to stories about war and people who lose their lives to them I get to see some good news early in the morning. Yay!

    Colette's new home sounds terrific. Thanks for giving her such a good start.

  12. Congratulations! You gave her quite the life in her short time with you and it does sound like she has landed a great home!

  13. It does seem labs do better in homes with people who work from home. My first lab, she lives with my ex, was in a home with my ex who works from home and me who was unemployed. She was the best behaved dog I have ever had. My puppy now, a lab/catahoula leopard mix, would definitely be a happier dog if in a home of at least one non-working parent (I am the sole caregiver and work outside of the home). The process of training is much harder this time around.


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