Friday, April 20, 2012

New Porch and Old Friends

My front porch has been in a sorry state for years, but I put off the task of having it redone out of fear of the upheaval and cost of such an upgrade. 

I finally decided I couldn't stand the sense of decay any longer and put in a call to my old friend Jose, who's done great work on my house before. 

I shouldn't have been so worried. Jose and Mauricio took three days to tear down the old porch and put up a whole new one.

The best part? Fozzie LOVES Jose. Each day Jose took time to cuddle with his biggest fan, dance with him, and give him treats.

What a joy to have contractors who love your dogs, teach them Spanish, and are careful to always close the gate!

And now, just in time for Spring, we have a fresh new surface to cover with muddy pawprints.

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  1. I have a home-repair gal that's the same way with my kitties. They all absolutely adore her. It's also really nice to know that she's very careful to keep an eye on the critters so they don't get out or get hurt by sniffing around power tools.

    I truly believe that my Stan would like to apprentice with her.


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