Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Really Matters

Miraculously, I think we have managed to have a thoroughly successful vacation.

Such an incredible gift from my sister to bring us all here, and its been a joy to spend time with her and my tiny niece Ursula--my little troublemaker, who brings out the human-lover even in her crochety old aunt--among family.  

I'm not really certain, but I think Genghis has enjoyed his time here too. 

Or does he yodel and make gurgling rrrwow-wow-wow noises, and sit in the middle of the ocean, because he's trying to communicate his distress? 

Somehow, I think not. 

My Dad doesn't always readily let go of his stress, but I've been very proud of him this week. 

For being so sweet and so diligently caretaking, and so loving with all of us clucks. 

Wish I got to spend more time in general with my fun-loving mom, whose sense of humor sets something loose in me like nothing else in the world, 

and Johnny, a true child at heart, always at his best when he is being tortured and exhausted by some unremitting young person,

and gentle, patient Barry and Elyse, who never have a cross thing to say about anyone.

Glad that at least I get to see a lot of my sister, and have only a few blocks to walk to have a nice stiff drinkie or a refreshing morning dog walk with her.

And Lamar Latrell I get to take home with me, and enjoy every day the smell of his head and his paws and his hot breath, and together share the memories of our time walking together under the open sky and cuddling at night with the whole bed to ourselves. 


  1. looks like such a lovely vacation... and Lamar Latrell? From Revenge of the Nerds? awesome!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful vacation with wonderful folks! What a beautiful place, too. Love the pics of you in the surf, especially that last one in the sunset. Thanks for taking us along!!!

  3. What a beautiful vacation!

  4. It's wonderful to have a family you can enjoy spending time with. Can't take that for granted!

  5. That looks and sounds like one of those "movie" vacations. :) Happy belated birthday!

  6. Thank you Elizabeth! Not sure how much it was like a movie, although some of the characters, Uncle Johnny, certainly have star qualities :)

  7. Yes--that was indeed the inspiration! One of the best movies of all time!

  8. What a beautiful place to have a vacation!


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