Monday, August 8, 2011

One nearly dread-less dog

We have just returned from our adventures in upstate New York, where we went to stay with my parents and their amazing Bergamasco Dizzy, of the stunning dreads. 

Its been a hot summer, and we thought Dizzy might appreciate a new hairdo. 

Now, as my Mom has maintained for years, the natural state of the Bergamasco is to remain in its full dreadlocked magnificence. The woolly hair of the Bergamasco forms thick dreads or flocks, as they are called, that are well-suited to providing warmth in its native home of the Italian Alps. 

The Bergamasco is a little-known breed that almost died out with the decline in wool production after World War II. 

Little did my parents know what they they had come upon when they found a cute, fluffy little puppy in a shelter in upstate New York eleven years ago. 

He sure looks like a purebred!

I am no Bergamasco grooming expert, but from what I gather it seems you have to start early and make sure you separate the mats as they form, so that they form discrete dreads and not a single mass of woolliness. 

The masses, if they form, would I imagine be a bit uncomfortable in a New York summer--even in the Adirondacks. We decided to relieve Dizzy of some of the burden of his magnificence. 

Not my most brilliant work, but hopefully the guy is a bit more comfortable. 

Poor Dizzy was not thrilled as I worked away at the mats with my clippers, but at least his new boyfriend Fozzie was nearby to console him. 


  1. I'm glad Fozzie was such a good buddy! Also: there is an amazing dog with very long dreds that I often see on the Sligo trail -- you've seen him/her, right? It's an incredible sight!

  2. I cannot imagine having a dog that requires so much grooming! And I complain that Shiva is so much work. I am now incredibly grateful that she requires no more than a quick brush every now and then. If I miss a week or two, my floors suffer but other than that, it's no big deal. You are very brave to taken on such a challenge!

  3. Dizzy is probably thinking, thank you! I feel so much cooler now. :)

    It sounds like you had a lovely time visiting your parents. I know when I first started taking Reggie to visit my mom, I was worried about how 3 male dogs would get along. We did take care to introduce them slowly but it was no problem at all!

    I'm taking Reggie upstate NY in a couple of weeks and we are looking forward to some peace and quiet.

  4. Yes, sometimes they surprise you with their good behavior :)

    Upstate NY is so beautiful--so much water and wilderness.

    And Kristine--I have the same thought whenever I encounter a wooly dog! I love interacting with them, but for my own beasts I think I'll always stick with the wash-n-wear variety :)


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