Peaceful Dog grooming and training services 

Enhance the well-being of your pet and the quality of your relationship

Holistic, Gentle Grooming

Brushing and/or hair cut, ear cleaning, tooth brushing, nail clip, bath, and blow dry 

~$65/hour, most dogs take 45 to 90 minutes. 

I use massage, gentle touch, and treats to minimize stress and help dogs relax. I specialize in working with anxious dogs and finding ways to make grooming less stressful. If your dog is too anxious to allow any grooming without distress, I will teach you to help her become more comfortable. 

Many mild health problems such as ear infections, skin rashes, and even gait problems caused by long nails can be solved by a good grooming.  

Ask about discounts for dogs being fostered through a shelter or rescue group.

Because I focus on the comfort and health of dogs, my services are intended for basic grooming of family dogs.

"Kirsten's services are quite rare in the DC metro area. She not only offers this rare service, but she does so with such a calm and nonthreatening demeanor that it's impossible to imagine a dog not loving her."  -- Alexis, Washington, DC

Grooming House Calls  

For dogs who are so anxious they would prefer not to leave the comfort and familiarity of home, or for busy humans who can't find the time to bring their pup to the groomer, grooming housecalls are the ideal solution. 

There is an additional $30 charge for house calls. 





Positive Dog Training

Positive Dog Training uses reward-based techniques that are effective, easy to use, and fun for you and your dog. 

Whether your dog is anxious, nippy, destructive when you're away, or barks when he sees other dogs, we will work together to find a solution that changes the behavior. My approach is to listen deeply to your concerns, help you feel more calm, centered, and loving toward your dog, and help your dog reach her or his potential. 

 Most behavioral challenges can be resolved through behavioral modification and training using reward-based methods.

Grooming Desensitization Training and DIY Grooming Support
I am also available to speak to your dog training class, obedience club, or any group of dog lovers about making their pets more comfortable with grooming; about simple, holistic DIY grooming techniques; and about my favorite products and methods for enhancing your dog's total body and mind vitality. 

"Kirsten, Myles looks adorable, and I think feels a lot better, too.  He always is so happy after he sees you! Thank you for your kind skillfulness, and quick response." -- Trisha, Takoma Park

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