About Us

Peaceful Dog is owned by Kirsten Stade, who began grooming and training
dogs as a way to make shelter and rescue dogs more adoptable and save more lives. 
Grooming is so stressful for so many dogs. Noisy equipment, uncomfortable procedures, and an unfamiliar environment make it difficult for most dogs to enjoy a grooming session, and with breeds that need regular grooming, the stress just increases with each negative experience. 
I use massage, gentle touch, and treats to minimize stress and help dogs relax, and practices of mindfulness to help dogs and humans realize new levels of peace and joy. I specialize in working with anxious dogs and finding ways to make grooming less stressful.  If your dog is too anxious to allow any grooming without distress, I will teach you to help her be more comfortable.

Many mild health problems such as ear infections, skin rashes, and even gait problems caused by long nails can be solved by a good grooming.  

Because I focus on the comfort and health of dogs, my services are intended for basic grooming of family dogs. 

I welcome all breeds and sizes of dogs, and believe that breed discrimination, like discrimination based on race, gender, or sexual orientation, has no place in a civilized world.

I've volunteered with shelters and rescues in Guatemala, Manhattan, New Mexico, Oregon and now in the Washington, DC area.

I have a Master's degree in Conservation Biology and have worked in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Guatemala and Alaska. My studies have infused my practice with a respect for all beings--as well as a commitment to all-natural grooming products.